Ultimate villain is the 2nd episode of Season 2. It introduces a new villain to the series.



The crew survive the TNT explosion and MrPig escapes, when all of a sudden Overlord's OP powers are removed and MrPig is granted them again. Ultimate_Overlord who went by the name Overlord2 at the time joins the server, the crew find him and ask who he is, to which he explains he is Overlord's brother and that he stole his op powers. Diamond_Lover tries to hit him with his shovel but UO grabs it off of him and snaps it in half. He then gives himself full diamond armour, and Herostar fires an arrow at him but it reflects off of his armour. He announces that MrPig is his apprentice before the two teleport away, but not before stealing Herostar's helmet.

Diamond_Lover is suddenly teleported onto a platform above lava with MrPig, who is in full diamond. He gives DL some iron armour and a sword, and tells him to fight, with MrPig winning almost immediately. Sheep_e is able to jump onto the platform and knock MrPig into the lava where he teleports away. Herostar then makes a bridge across to the platform and the 3 of them walk across it but MrPig fires an arrow at Diamond_Lover, knocking him into the lava. He is saved by Overlord who threw some water down at the lava, before he turns to his brother asking why he stole the server, to which UO exclaims he hates him. MrPig then stabs Overlord from behind and then UO shoots him in the head with a bow, killing him. Sheep_e attempts to strangle UO but he is punched in the face, and UO and MrPig fly away.


  • This episode is Ultimate_Overlord's first appearance.
  • This is the first episode to contain more than one antagonist.
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