Ultimate_Overlord is the main antagonist of the Minecrafters.


When his Brother got the game Minecraft, his mother made sure that he was able to play it as well. However he was really bad at the game and never really got better, until he and his brother decided to run a server. The server was going well until the players began to solely take interest in his brother, Overlord. MrPig joined the server and began taunting UO about how he was the number 2 and not as good as his brother. Because of this he became jealous and he griefed the server and became deranged, obsessed on server domination. He was banned by Overlord after a struggle, and began to learn how to hack servers. After a few unsuccessful attempts he was able to succeed in hacking a server and turned his attention back to his brother's server.

He rejoined the server and overthrew his brother and killed him in-game, taking full control of the server and making MrPig his apprentice. However seeing MrPig as a threat to his reign, he decided to strip him of any op powers and discard him, but allowing him to live. He created a bunch of NPCs to build for him, and he secretly began working on a giant ship called the Death Lord. He was able to trick a new player, Chuckle into working for him, and told him to stop the main crew with traps. He launched the Death Lord while it was nearly complete, but accidentally caused it to crash. His remaining NPCs fixed the ship and launched it for a second time, but it was ultimate destroyed when Herostar reflected a powerful lightning bolt into the underside of the ship, with a piece of debris flying into him, knocking him to the ground.

He was approached by The_Destroyer and he immediately recognised him as the biggest griefer, and he offered to teach him how to fire lightning, to which TD agreed to. He taught TD how to fire lighting and learned a new ability, to fire fireballs. He created a bunch of new NPCs, some to fight, some to build a new version of the Death Lord and another group to build a castle to hold a curse command block. He attempts to attack the crew's home with some of his NPCs, but he is stopped twice, and loses a lot of NPCs in the process. He sends out some NPCs to kill Chuckle, as he learnt that he betrayed him, and they succeed. Throughout the season he makes many attempts to defeat the crew, but they all fail. He visits his castle and placed down a command block that will activate The Curse upon his death. When the Death Lord MKII is completed he launches it, and the crew manage to teleport inside of it. He orders his NPCs and The_Destroyer to kill them, but they all fail and he decides to flee.

The Death Lord explodes when Old_Sword hits a lever rigged to TNT in the ship, and the crew and UO fall into a lake, and all confront him. Suddenly The_Destroyer appears and tells UO that he's had enough of him, and proceed to kill him with lightning, causing the curse command block to activate. While the curse in in effect, he creates 5 new player clones, and uses them to defeat the main crew while he sneaks back into the server and creates the Diamond Eye. Soon he hires Lord_Hat to take over the server if anything went wrong, when he suddenly notices that all but one of his curse crew has been killed. He quickly teleports the last one to safety, and goes on the server to confront MrPig and Overlord, but not before infecting the main crew with the curse. A battle breaks out and he eventually knocks MrPig off a platform to his supposed death, but is disarmed by Overlord. Overlord says how he is sorry that things didn't work out but then throws himself and UO off the platform, UO tries to hit him with lightning but accidentally hits the command block, causing it to block up, killing both him and Overlord.

Shortly afterwards he tells Lord_Hat to take over the server when he is arrested for hacking, as he left his VPN off by mistake. He left Lord_Hat with a book of instructions on what to do on the server, but he ultimately failed and was imprisoned in the same cell as UO. He notices that the 3 Virtis leaders are in the cell next to him, and the three convince him to join them, to which he accepts. A few days later the 4 of them manage to escape the jail, and begin to plot their revenge while leaving Lord_Hat behind.

He is later seen on the merged servers with Virtis, and Perseus shows him the new Death Lord Mark III and allows him to pilot it. Later he comes across Old_Sword, Diamond_Lover, Gold and Perfume_Crandy and attempts to shoot then with his TNT cannons, bu t his bad aim prevents him from hitting them. He later attempts to shoot Overlord and Owner when he finds them, but they run into a cave. Overlord uses a TNT to damage the Death Lord causing it to fall to the ground. Ultimate_Overlord tells them that he has joined Virtis and flies away back to the city where he has to explain to Perseus what happened. During the raid on the tower he kills Sheep_e and Old_Sword with the help of Nodis, and goes to hunt down the surviving players.

He later enters the cave and starts to fire lightning at the players, but Overlord begins to talk to him and uses many kind words to convinvce him that he has picked the wrong side. After some hesitation he decides to abandon Virtis and join his brother once again. He summons a Death Lord and comes up with a plan to use it to destroy the Virtis tower. He pretends to be captured by the players and after they damage the tower he intentionally misses his lightning to allow them to escape. In real life at night he sneaks out of his room and steals the router that Virtis are using and throw sit away, before turning himself and Virtis in. He receives a reduced sentence and is visited by his brother who thanks him for joining the right side.

Skills and Personality

He has a very needy and jealous tenancy, and feels the need to be wanted, and as a result of being neglected, resorted to hacking and taking over the server. His jealous side is heavily evoked in Overlord Chronicles when his older brother doesn't give him much time to play Minecraft on their only laptop.

He has exceptional hacking skills and was easily able to take the server over from his brother. He is also very vengeful as even after being incarcerated he sends Lord Hat to finish the crew off.



  • Ultimate_Overlord design takes some inspiration from Mob_Destructor from the The MC Story.
  • Ultimate_Overlord's appearance in Overlord Chronicles episode 1 is the youngest any character has been seen.
  • When UO was good, his eyes were flipped the other way around to signify this.
  • While he gained the ability to shoot fireballs in season 3, he never uses them again after the season, however the cursed Redstone_Lover did.
  • His body is commonly wrapped into unrealistic shapes for comedic effect.
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