Tree Tower is the 10th Episode of Season 1.



The episode starts off with MrPig taunting Sheep_e, stating that he has made some friends. He then teleports away while Sheep_e calls him a coward. Sheep_e then goes mining by himself, and find some coal and makes a stone pickaxe. On the surface Herostar witnesses a Creeper fleeing form an ocelot, and he starts to built a tree tower. At the top of the tower he sets up a dispenser and fills it with arrows. He activates it and it shoots an arrow, accidentally hitting MrPig, who in return blows up the tree. Herostar survives the fall as he has feather falling on his boots.

Back underground, Sheep_e find some iron and smelts it, and makes an iron pickaxe. He then finds some gold and smelt it into a pickaxe, and is surprised at how fast it is. However is is shocked at how quickly it breaks, and decides to check the Minecraft Wiki for the amount of uses. When he see that gold has a mere 33 uses, he states that gold is useless and ignores a gold ore, that joking cries. MrPig then announces that the server will be shutting down for a while.


  • This is the first and only time a character has checked the Wiki for facts.
  • Diamond_Lover appears for a single frame when Sheep_e digs underground.
  • This is the second episode in a row not to feature Old_sword.
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