The start up is the third episode of Overlord Chronicles, taking place shortly after the second. This episode shows the early days of the server, with the Overlord Brothers setting up many different games in the server.




Overlord's and Overlord 2's public server is finally open. It isn't very popular, so they add new things to make it more appealing, commencing a montage of mini games in which the brothers go through, including mob arena, skyBlock, dropper, parkour, building contest, and of course, the younger's original game: dropping the diamond. They finally set up their hub, and things are looking up, but a mysterious user seems to want to target the server....


  • This episode references the MC story when the list of servers is shown.
  • Most of the minigames in the server are games that the writer has played with his brother in real minecraft.
  • Overlord shows he cares for his brother when he immediately plays his game after he explains it.
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