The Middle of the End is the penultimate episode of Season 4, in which the crew has to fight the boss of Minecraft; The Enderdragon.


Charlotte Axe


Blade_101, Sniper_6, Charlotte_Axe and Redstone_Lover all arrive in the end, and immediately are attacked by the Enderdragon. The group realised that they must destroy all the crystals before they can harm the dragon. Sniper_6 and Blade_101 are able to destroy some of the crystals by shooting them and climbing the towers respectively. Redstone_lover is able to use a TNT cannon to destroy the bars around one of the crystals, but the dragon then destroys his cannon before he can aim it at the other barred tower. Blade_101 attempts to climb the tower with his swords, but one breaks and he falls to the ground, but Redstone_Lover is able to throw a lingering potion beneath him, saving his life. Sniper_6 is then able to shoot through the bars and destroy the final crystal. The crew prepare to finish off the dragon, but they notice their weapons are damages.


  • This is the first appearance of both the End and the Ender Dragon since Season 1.
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