The final showdown is the 13th and final episode of Season 6, showing the epic final fight and how the crew is able to defeat lord_Hat



In Lord Hat's base, Lord Hat orders MrPig and Techno Hood to kill Herostar and Overlord. A fight ensues, and MrPig declares his betrayal to Overlord by justifying that he never really trusted him. Lord Hat allows rain inside his base which allows MrPig to use the channeling trident, and also allowing Herostar to use the riptide trident; he dodges many attacks and gains the advantage, forcing Lord Hat to surrender. Lord Hat subdues Herostar and Overlord with the Diamond Eye, and mentions Ultimate Overlord when announcing his victory, just as Techno Hood and MrPig prepare to kill the two. The mention of Ultimate Overlord's name is enough for MrPig to lash out against him, swiftly killing Lord Hat and combining the power of all three Tridents of the Sea to destroy the Diamond Eye.

The dead crew including Miss_Mouse, Old_Sword, Diamond Lover and Sheep_e are revived. MrPig and Overlord reconcile and apologise, with Overlord rewarding MrPig with operating privilages at last, which he then uses to ban Techno Hood. Overlord generates a new map and Lord Hat is arrested in real life, and forced to share a cell with Ultimate Overlord, adjacent to Perseus, Yldir and Nodis, the three hackers known as Virtis.


  • This is the first episode where Virtis make an appearance.
  • The ending of this episode was rushed, leading to an epilogue months later to properly finish the season.
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