The escape is the seventeenth and final episode of Overlord Chronicles and the Synchronous Arc.



Techno_hood searches for the Diamond eye, while MrPig is walking unknowingly towards it, complaining how he didn't get op powers. Suddenly Overlord updates the server while MrPig trips, and when the server has updated, MrPig is trapped inside the chest. Meanwhile Lord_Hat finds out the 3 items to destroy the eye are now 3 tridents with different abilities. Later MrPig kills Lord_Hat in game as he finds out he is working for UO, and right after Lord_Hat is arrested by the FBI. He is then sent to the same jail cell as UO, and he explains how he failed. In the cell next to UO the 3 Virtis leaders convince UO to join them. A few days later the 3 Virtis leaders and UO mange to escape the jail.


  • This episode takes place during Season 6.
  • This is the first finale since Season 3 to only have 6 slides as opposed to 12.
  • It is revealed that the unused IDs were taken by the tridents when the server was updated.
  • It is shown how MrPig glitched into the chest and why he was in there at the start of Season 6.
  • The FBI guy says the same thing to Lord_Hat as he did to Ultimate_Overlord.
  • The outside of the jail is shown for the first time.
  • The Virtis Leaders Reference an MCstory character, Razer63
  • This is Virtis' second appearance in the entire comic.
  • The episode ends on a cliff hanger, the first finale one to do so since Season 3.
  • It is shown that Lord_Hat was left behind when Virtis and UO escaped the Jail.
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