The creations is the tenth episode of Overlord Chronicles



Ultimate Overlord begins creating NPCs to build for him, however to no avail as they do not work. He tries again and successfully creates NPCs, which go on to carry out various orders such as creating a ship. When a new player, Chuckle, joins.U_O maniupulates him into hunting Herostar, Diamond Lover, Sheep e and Miss Mouse, players loyal to Overlord who are rebelling against U_O. He then has the NPCs create a giant spherical ship called the Death Lord, but MrPig climbs on board in an attempt to sabotage it.


  • This episode takes place during the episodes from the middle of Season 2.
  • It is shown that all the NPCs came from a single spawner.
  • In this Episode Ultimate_Overlord performs his famous action, stretching his face to be long like MrPig's while mocking him.
  • This is Chuckle's first appearance since he died in Season 3.
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