The Clone factory is the second episode of Season 5.



The crew wake up confused, and realise that all the mobs have died, and decide to go and investigate what has happened. Diamond_Lover and Old_Sword search together while Sheep_e, Miss_Mouse and Herostar form another team and search in another direction. The latter team comes across Ultimate Overlord's Castle and enter it, triggering an arrow trap at the entrance causing them to sprint through. A block of TNT ignites behind them sending Sheep_e flying up to a ledge. Herostar and Miss_Mouse attempt to build up to the ledge, but find out they cannot place any blocks. Herostar shoots some arrows into the wall and tries to climb them, but they break under his weight so Miss_Mouse attaches string to an arrow and shoots it at the ledge, and they both climb up it.

Once they make it to the top they come across 5 chambers each containing a curse crew member. Old_Sword and Diamond_Lover meet up with the rest, but the entity from before returns and announces that the players in the chambers are cloned from their data, before it enters a strange contraption. The 5 players wake up, and burst out of their chambers and begin the chase the crew.


  • This is the first chronological appearance of the Curse crew.
  • It is unknown how Old_Sword and Diamond_Lover were able to catch up so quickly, when they went in the other direction at first.
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