The Beginning of the end is the eleventh episode of Season 4, in which Dr_Evil fights the new crew in an attempt to stop them reaching the End.


Charlotte Axe


Dr_evil is just about to push Redstone_Lover into a lava pit, but he is able to do a backflip and land on his shield, and quickly creates a jetpack to fly back to the land, dodging Dr_Evil's lightning. Sniper_6 shoots Dr_Evil in the back, and he and Redstone_Lover confront him, but he quickly flies away and heads towards Sheep_e's location. He then bans Sheep_e, and Blade_101 and Charlotte_Axe attempt to fight him. Blade manages to block his lightning, but Charlotte is sent flying into a wall by it. Blade attempts to kill Dr_Evil, but is caught off guard by his lightning and is also knocked back into a wall. Sniper_6 and Redstone_Lover arrive and fire a barrage of arrows at Dr_Evil, who flies away. Blade looks at the book and sees the final name is now visible, "Miss_Mouse". The group finds the End portal and decides that the only way to get to her is to go through it, which they all do.


  • The creator of the comic agrees that Redstone_Lover's contraptions in this episode are ridiculous, but has no plans to change them.
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