The Mineshafts is the seventh episode of Season 4, in which the crew head deeper into the caves in an attempt to find Old_Sword.


Charlotte Axe


Blade_101 thanks Redstone_Lover for saving him, and Redstone_Lover joins their group after giving Blade some iron to create new swords. Redstone_Lover then creates a compass that points in the direction of a specific player, and he sets it to point towards Old_Sword, and the group heads off to find him. The groups comes across an abandoned Mineshaft and Redstone_Lover and Blade hop into a minecart and ride off while Sniper and Charlotte loot some chests. They each find a golden apple and a spider spawner, and they are able to disable it. Redstone_Lover and Blade reach the end of the Minetrack and are thrown out of the Minecarts, they land in front of Old_Sword.


  • Redstone_Lover tells the group to crouch when they land on the slime block, however in the game this will cause you to take fall damage, it would make more sense to hold space so you only bounce up a single block.
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