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The Minecrafters Story (The Mcers Story)

The Mcers Story is a crossover season between The Minecrafters and partner-comic, The MC Story. The plot revolves around the escape of Virtis and Ultimate Overlord, and retrieving former technology and code to merge Overlord's server and Owner's server in order to enact their revenge. This allows HeroStar, Diamond_Lover, Sheep_e, Old_sword, MrPig, Miss_Mouse and Overlord to team up with Trock, Gold, Red, Friendly, Calious, Perfume Crandy and Owner. Other appearances include Mob Destructor. Virtis and UO are obviously limited to what powers they have, as they are escaped fugitives using mere backups and recovered codes. This means Virtis are nowhere near as powerful as seen in MC Story S6. 


The protagonists are split into four groups:

Group 1

Group 2

Group 3

Group 4




Mere weeks away from being transferred from temporary hacker jail to maximum security prison, Virtis try to find a partner to form an escape plan. Sometime later, Ultimate Overlord is imprisoned, and having been previously acquainted with Virtis, joins forces with them.


Overlord is busy setting up server portals to connect all of his new maps together, when Herostar arrives and checks on how he is doing. Overlord tells him that's he can test the portal, and they go to do so, but MrPig flies out of the portal they open and knocks them over. Herostar goes to tell the other crew members that Overlord portals work, and comes across Sheep_e who is killing mobs in an arena for practice. He informs Sheep_e that the server portals are working before going off to find Old_Sword, and Miss_Mouse, who have finished building a house and a garden respectively. Meanwhile Diamond_Lover is mining in a cave for some diamonds, and find 2 ores which he mines and creates 2 Diamond Shovels with the gems. Suddenly he hears a sound and notices a weird crack forming in the air. Overlord has finished building some new maps for his server and he goes back through the portal to check on MrPig. He goes back through and notices the new banned that MrPig has made for the server, which Overlord is not too fond of at first, but decides to accept it anyway.

Back in the cave the crack has opened to form a strange portal, which causes Diamond_Lover to run to find help. He finds Herostar and tells him about the portal, but when they arrive back at the cave the portal has disappeared, and Herostar suggested that Diamond_Lover was seeing things. Old_Sword enters his house and is about to relax but all of a sudden a portal appears in his room, and Miss_Mouse notices many forming outside of Old_Sword's house. Old_Sword, Miss_Mouse and now Sheep_e are shocked by the formation of the portals that are appearing all around them. Overlord and MrPig notice the portals starting to appear, and Overlord asks MrPig what they are, but the latter has no idea. Overlord shouts in frustration that he can't ever run the server in peace, but all of a sudden a mysterious voice tells Overlord that they know him. Overlord demands to see who is speaking, and they comply, revealing themselves to be the 3 Virtis leaders. Overlord and MrPig are frightened by them, and the Virtis leaders announce that the server will be linked, before creating a giant shockwave.

Earlier on Owner's server, a long while after Outage, the server is back in peace. In the main city, Red is recalling to Calious about the events of Appearance, to which Calious is fed up of him reiterating everything. Calious leaves Red to check on his old snow-tribe, and Red is approached by the returned Perfume Crandy, having been absent to help the now disbanded Anti Virtis. The two catch up and watch as Friendly constructs a new city church, triggering Red to remember the time he "married" Perfume Crandy at a village chruch; the two agree to discard the event and be friends. Suddenly, the two are knocked in the sky by a fast approaching Bessie, Owner's new pet mule. Trock and Owner help them up and apologise, before pursuing the out of control mule. As Gold runs through admin reports, he too is knocked by Bessie. Owner explains to him that he likes having a pet and can keep things in her chest, such as the key to his underground bunker of building experiments, which Friendly is building the church ontop of as a sign for Owner.

Bessie is lost, but approaches Mob Destructor's bedrock prison. Seeing opportunity, and after having just complained about his imprisonment, Mob Destructor mounts Bessie as soon as she passes the prison, effectively freeing him. Bessie, however, is still out of control and runs toward the church, being noticed by Friendly. Mob Destructor and Bessie, whom he has called Margaret 2.0, fall into the bunker below and Bessie's chest falls open, allowing Mob Destructor to obtain the key to the experiment room. Inside, he comes across 'the booth of immortality' and presses the button inside; he is locked inside, blinded and overwhelmed with mob screams and cave ambiences. Mob Destructor curls up until all the effects wear off, and the booth opens. He initially thinks nothing has came from it, but then steps on a pressure plate which shoots two arrows from the ceiling down at him, and is suddenly, instantly healed. He checks his inventory to find he has obtained a very powerful and permanent regeneration effect, making him immune to most in-game damages; hence the title of 'immortality booth'. He is excited at this and declares he possess 'regeneration of the highest calibre', but then witnesses a Link portal manifest.

Friendly warns Owner of Mob Destructor's escape, but the whole server is suddenly overcome with earthquakes and portals manifesting. Perseus, Yldir and Nodis then appear, terrifying Owner, before a giant portal shockwave occurs.

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