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The Minecrafters Story (The Mcers Story)

The Mcers Story is a crossover extended-episode between The Minecrafters and partner-comic, The MC Story. The plot revolves around the escape of Virtis and Ultimate Overlord, and retrieving former technology and code to merge Overlord's server and Owner's server in order to enact their revenge. This allows HeroStar, Diamond_Lover, Sheep_e, Old_sword, MrPig, Miss_Mouse and Overlord to team up with Trock, Gold, Red, Friendly, Calious, Perfume Crandy and Owner. Other appearances include Mob Destructor. Virtis and UO are obviously limited to what powers they have, as they are escaped fugitives using mere backups and recovered codes. This means Virtis are nowhere near as powerful as seen in MC Story S6.


  • HeroStar
  • Diamond_Lover
  • Sheep_e
  • Miss_Mouse
  • Overlord
  • Old_sword
  • MrPig
  • Trock
  • Red
  • Gold
  • Friendly
  • Calious
  • Perfume Crandy
  • Owner
  • Mob Destructor
  • Perseus
  • Yldir
  • Nodis
  • Ultimate Overlord


Mere weeks away from being transferred from temporary hacker jail to maximum security prison, Virtis try to find a partner to form an escape plan. Sometime later, Ultimate Overlord is imprisoned, and having been previously acquainted with Virtis, joins forces with them.