The Minecrafters is the first episode of Season 1, excluding the Prologue. It it the first ever episode written.



Herostar and Diamond_Lover discover a diamond located above ground, and DL mines it. He shows the diamond to Herostar who additionally throw sin sword in surprise, and it hits and kills a creeper. Diamond_Lover uses the diamond to craft a diamond shovel, which he uses as his main weapon. The two return to there house and sort out their supplies.
The two hear some monsters outside, and go out to kill them. Diamond_Lover uses his shovel while Herostar backs him up with a bow, before running out of arrows and using a sword to melee the monsters. They encounter an enderman, and it teleports behind them, but is killed by Old_Sword. The 3 become friends and all return to the house. They all sort out their supplies and armour before heading back out and encountering 3 creeper.


  • This was the first episode to ever be written.
  • When this episode was written, Herostar and Diamond_Lover were just generic Minecraft players.
  • This episode was remastered after Season 5 was finished, each frame contains the same things, though is updated to the current art style and any errors are fixed.
    • It was remastered again digitally after Overlord Chronicles finished, coincidentally being the 100th episode to be written.
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