The Minecrafters is a comic written by ASGTerra from 2011 until current. The comic is about a group of Minecraft players who have to overcome many obstacles created by a range of villains. Each season has a different goal, and some characters change side through their journey. There are currently 81 episodes Across 6 Seasons, and so far a total of 17 Characters have been in the series. It also has 2 spinoff series; Overlord Chronicles and The Minecrafters: The Aftermath


  • This comic takes place in the same universe as The MC Story, written by ASG's brother.
  • The first episode was written as a one-off, but eventually turned into an entire series.
  • Season one is the most true to the original game, where as other seasons have a lot of content not possible in vanilla Minecraft.
  • Season 5 is a prequel to Season 4, and explains the events that happened between Season 3 and 4, Season 5 also has a sequel episode set right after the end of Season 4
  • From Season 4 Episode 4, the art style improved due to the writer taking a long break from the series.
  • The Minecrafters used to have 2 standalone episodes (The Prequel and The Sequel ), But the former was renamed to Prologue and merged into Season 1, while the latter was simply merged into Season 5.
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