The_Destroyer was a major antagonist in season 3, being Ultimate_Overlord's assistant.


Prior to the events of the series, The_Destroyer was a well known griefer who would cause major destruction to any server he visited. After Ultimate_Overlord was defeated by Herostar for the first time, The_Destroyer approached him and immediately accepted UO's offer to be trained in firing lightning. He was then taught how to fire lightning and assisted UO in his quest to build the Death Lord MKII. He was put in charge of the NPCs but because of this didn't get to do much griefing.

The_Destroyer started to get more annoyed at UO, but still did what he said as he hoped he would eventually grief when the death lord was built. He almost killed Sheep_e and Old_Sword in a battle, but deemed then not worth his time before flying away. Once UO commanded the Death Lord to be launched, The_Destroyer entered the ship and watched UO gloat about how he (UO) was the best. Once the battle between the NPCs and the Main crew broke out, he was ordered to kill the crew, to which he agreed to do. He knocked back Herostar and Diamond_Lover, but by this point was fed up that no one could offer him a challenge. While he was distracted he was punched by Miss_Mouse, stabbed by Sheep_e and shot by Herostar and Diamond_Lover, before Sheep_e mined the block under him, causing him to fall out of the death lord.

While falling he faked his death with a fake death message, and stayed hidden until the Death Lord exploded, causing the crew and UO to fall into a lake. Before UO could do anything The_Destroyer confronted him, saying how he was done and proceeded to kill Ultimate_Overlord with his lightning. Growing tired of griefing, he decided to retire, granting the main crew op powers. He then sad a final farewell before killing himself with his own lightning.

Skills and personality

The_Destroyer was a mean, impatient and ruthless griefer, however he was shown to be helpful towards fellow griefers and villains. His impatience was shown throughout the season he was in, as he wanted to greif but UO didn't allow him to, and instead he was just in charge of the NPCs.

He was quite a skilled fighter, but tended to let his guard down a lot. He was able to fire lightning but it was much weaker than Ultimate_Overlord's, yet still powerful enough to kill both Ultimate_overlord and himself.


Death end/Back up- Killed himself with his lightning after retiring from griefing.


  • He is the only character to kill himself.
  • He is the second of three antagonist to be able to fire lightning, with Ultimate_Overlord and Dr_Evil (Cursed) being 1st and 3rd respectively.
  • He is one of the few characters to appear exclusively in a single season, though he did make an appearance in the spin off, Overlord Chronicles.
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