Techno_Hood was a major antagonist during season 6.


Before the event of the main comic, she was on the Overlord server when she witnessed Ultimate_overlord kill another member out of anger. She agrees to help him take over the server and starts to kill other users. She is eventually banned by Overlord when she tries to kill him and doesn't return for a long time.

Techno_Hood was later hired by Lord_Hat, who was himself hired by Ultimate Overlord to secure the Diamond Eye and the three tridents, to secure the server from the heroes: Herostar, Overlord, Old Sword, Miss Mouse and Sheep e. As Lord_Hat sat on his throne, Techno_Hood remained loyal and fought the heroes to retrieve the eye. MrPig fell in love with her, which Lord_Hat takes advantage of by swaying him to work with them to betray the heroes as they "do not care about him". MrPig works alongside Techno_Hood fighting the heroes and collecting the tridents. Eventually, the duo secure the tridents, but MrPig bans Lord_Hat and Techno_Hood when he unearths they're working for Ultimate_Overlord, whom MrPig hates.

Skills and Personality

Techno_Hood is a capable and independent fighter, successfully wounding Sheep_e and MrPig during their first encounter, and killing Old_Sword with a weapon she's never wielded before. She tends to keep to herself, but did not hesitate to team up with MrPig. She always hides her face under a hood, and becomes enraged when anyone removes it, showing she has an insecure side.


  • She's banned without dying.
  • She usually wields a dagger-like sword with a curve rather than a normal sword, but she eventually replaced this weapon with the trident she acquired.
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