Succeeding is the thirteenth episode of Overlord Chronicles



Chuckle is confronted at the house by Ultimate Overlord's NPC army. He manages to fend them off for a short while, but eventually is shot in the head by an NPC with a bow. Meanwhile Old Sword rescues Herostar from U_O, before O_S then saves Miss Mouse from the cliff. U_O then inquires about the progress of the new Death Lord with The Destroyer, who says  the progress is good but is eager to grief. U_O then finishes working on the curse in the command block housed in his new castle. Then, the Minecrafters confront U_O and T_D at the build site, and a short fight ensues. U_O then sets off to kidnap Miss Mouse while T_D gets ready to launch the nearly completed Death Lord.


  • This episode takes place during the later half of Season 3
  • Chuckle's death is shown on screen for the first time.
  • The_Destroyer is shown to start becoming more annoyed at UO.
  • UO's Castle is completed in this episode.
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