Sheep_e is one of the main protagonists in the comic, he is a fairy new inexperienced user, but throughout the comic has developed more skills and is able to last in a fight. He has befriended many people, though he usually tends to stay behind others, as he is less skilled than they are.


Sheep_e joins the server in Season 1, being his first time playing, he starts the gather wood and make wooden tools. While chopping down a tree he meets MrPig who introduces himself, and Sheep_e thinks he's a nice person as MrPig was polite to him. Herostar meets him shortly afterwards and warns him of MrPig's true intentions, and the two become friends. Sheep_e spends most of the season mining alone, gathering many materials along the way. He eventually has a dream in which he defeats MrPig by somehow stealing his op powers, but he soon wakes up and realises it is a dream. He learns about how MrPig took the server from its true owner, Overlord, and also witnesses MrPig getting put in jail when Overlord is able to return to the server.

During Season 2 he watches as Overlord is killed by Ultimate_Overlord, and he is able to save Diamond_Lover by gathering him some food. Throughout the season he assist others in their tasks, and also meets Chuckle, who traps them underground, but the two of them find a way out of the caves. He later goes to the Death Lord a second time with Herostar, but falls off a launching platform, but lands in one piece. He watches Herostar battle UO on the Death Lord, and waits for him to return with the others.

During Season 3 he plays a supporting role, assisting others with fights and exploring. He helps Diamond_Lover mine and collect diamonds, and also finishes off the Wither that was summoned during the NPC attack on their base. He later goes after The_Destroyer with Old_Sword, and is enraged when TD summons a sheep into lava to taunt him. He is nearly killed by TD, but Old_Sword is able to save him and fight TD, who decides the two aren't worth finishing off, and flies away. He later takes part in the massive battle in the Death Lord, killing multiple NPCs in the process. He later watches as The_Destroyer kills Ultimate_Overlord before granting the heroes OP powers, and killing himself afterwards. Sheep_e along with the others witnesses the start of the curse, and is confused by it.

During Season 5 he fights the mobs summoned by the Curse, before getting his data copies and passing out with the rest of the heroes. He later wakes up and begins to explore the Castle, he comes across the cursed clones, who awaken and chase the Crew. He is the second to be captured after being easily defeated by Dr_Evil, where he is sent to a jail along with Old_sword and Miss_Mouse. He is later put into an arena and is used as target practice, where he is able to avoid some attacks but is eventually hit. He is spared when the cursed crew go to ambush the rest of the crew. He along with his 2 friends explore the castle, before coming face to face with a Wither. He is able to deflect some of its attacks until his sword breaks, he, OS and MM run for cover and the Wither is killed by the rest of the crew. He is later fails to kill his cursed counterpart and is infected by the curse giving him a withered appearance, and causing him him to go slightly mad.

During Season 4 he is found in a cave by the new crew, where he leads them through the caves before getting banned by Dr_Evil. He is late unbanned when MrPig traps the curse's code for good. During Season 6 he witnesses the Diamond Eye's effects when his small house is reverted back to an unfinished state. He later meets Techno_Hood, and the two fight, though she is able to stab him and use the eye on him to block all of his powers, he is healed when Herostar teleports to him. He eventually goes on a journey to retrieve the Tridents of the sea, he assists the others in fighting MrPig and Techno_Hood, and defending the Turtle eggs. He also assists in defeating the Elder guardians and returning to the surface. He, Overlord and Herostar make their way to Lord_Hat's underwater base, but is killed when MrPig sneaks up behind him and stabs him in the back with a trident. He is later revived when MrPig destroys the Eye, and he reunites with his friends.

He is later separated from the group when Overlord's and Owner's server are merged, and meets up with Red and Friendly in a village. The three decide to help defend it from a raid, which gets triggered after Red kills a patrol. He is able to kill off many mobs and when a Ravager appears the three work together to defeat it. He sees lightning in the back ground and goes to investigate, and helps Herostar and Miss_Mouse when he finds them unconscious on the ground. He is later seen during the raid on the Virtis tower, but is killed by Ultimate_Overlord. He is seen again when the servers are restored and goes back to practising his fighting skills.

Skills and Personality

Sheep_e is a fairly new member, and therefore has less experience than his friends, though he has been shown to be quite skilled at times. During the first season he had to keep checking the Wiki for information, though in the later seasons he seems to have enough knowledge of the game. He is a kind player, but usually relies on others to do things for him. He can become enraged when someone hurts a sheep, as seen when The_Destroyer kills a sheep in front of him, causing him to angrily charge at him, despite being far less a skilled fighter than TD was.


During Season 1 he has the basic skin with nothing to identify him with apart from his armour. At the start of season 2 he had a new skin, which had a vertical line on the side of his head. During Season 4, he had a withered appearance due to being infected the the curse. From Season 6 he yet again had a new skin, which had hair covering his right eye.


  • Final Journey- Stabbed from behind with a Trident by MrPig.
  • Extinction - Electrocuted by Ultimate_Overlord while attempting to charge the Virtis tower.


  • Sheep_e is the youngest of the main crew, but has improved a lot throughout the series.
  • Sheep_e loves sheep, and will not let anyone harm them.
  • He has a fear of shears.
  • Despite being the least skilled, he was the last Protagonist to be killed during season 6.
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