Server war is the 12th Episode of Season 1, and the first to introduce Overlord.



Herostar asks Sheep_e how he got Op powers, but before he can explain Sheep_e wakes up and realises MrPig's death was a dream. He goes on his laptop and logs into the server where he finds Herostar, Diamond_Lover and Old_Sword with damaged armour. They reveal they got into a fight with MrPig and they had to flee. Suddenly an arrow flies into Diamond_Lover's helmet and Old_Sword's tunic, breaking both of them. MrPig then states that he has been waiting for Sheep_e, but Sheep_e charges at him and hits him with his wooden sword, though it breaks. MrPig then reveals he never changes the server to hardcore, and reveals how he took control of the server.

In a flashback MrPig confronts Overlord, and the two engage in a duel. The duel went on for a while but MrPig eventually disarmed Overlord, and took control of the server, banning Overlord in the process. However once MrPig finishes explaining, Overlord is able to get his server back, and bans MrPig.


  • This is the first episode to feature a flashback.
  • This episode is the first to feature Overlord, but only in a flashback and real life.
  • This episode features the first on-screen PvP fight.
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