Second crash is the final episode of Season 2.



Diamond_Lover and Chuckle, and Ultimate_Overlord and Herostar continue fighting, however Diamond_Lover is able to disarm Chuckle. He demands to know who hired him, and he reveals that Ultimate_Overlord told them that the crew was bad, which Diamond_Lover corrects. He then realises that he has been tricked and joins the crew, the two then watch Herostar and Ultimate-Overlord's fight. The Death Lord has reached a very high altitude and Herostar and UO are still fighting each other.

UO eventually flies and starts to shoot Herostar with his lightning, which Herostar blocks. UO grows spikes out of his hands and then his head and starts charging at Herostar. He then charges up one very powerful lightning bolt and fires it, and Herostar struggles to block it. Herostar then tilts his sword so the bolt get reflected into the Death lord, causing it to start exploding. A piece of the Death Lord files straight into UO, knocking him away while Herostar pulls out a zeppelin block and uses it to make the platform he is on descend. Herostar then watches in the background and the Death Lord falls and then finally explodes, to which he cheers. He then reaches the ground and he and the rest of the crew along with Chuckle celebrate. UO is seen on the ground all covered in dirt and defeated.


  • The way Herostar watches the Death Lord explode is a reference to the ending of Sonic 3.
  • This is the second time Ultimate_Overlord destroyed the Death Lord with his lightning.
  • UO is never seen using his spikes ever again.
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