Season 6 is the sixth season of The Minecrafters, taking place after the sequel with the original crew striking back to fight off a new threat. New enemies, new character design, new plot.



The season starts off with Techno_Hood exploring a cave and trying to locate an item. She comes across a chest, but when she opens it, it is revealed that MrPig was hiding inside of it, and she quickly closes it on him. Mere seconds later however MrPig throws an item out of the chest claiming he has no idea what it is, it turns out the item was the Diamond Eye. Techno_Hood accidentally activates it and it lags the server to the point where no one can use any commands, and it event reverts Old_Swords and Sheep_e's houses to an earlier stage of development. Everyone immediately asks Overlord what went wrong, and he checks the server Log, and he finds that thousands of fake requests have been sent to the server. Techno_Hood encounters Overlord, Sheep_e and MrPig while still in the cave, and they have a brief duel, before she uses the eye on them at point blank, permanently blocking their commands. Techno_Hood later encounters Old_Sword and Miss_Mouse, and again uses the eye at point blank, blocking their commands.

Techno_Hood then enters an underwater base where Lord_Hat is revealed, and he explains to Techno_Hood that he wants her to retrieve MrPig, as he belives he has a use for him. Meanwhile MrPig is accidentally teleported to a random location By Diamond_Lover, but quickly encounters Techno_Hood, who forces him to follow her to the base. AT the base Lord_Hat is able to trick MrPig into joining him, by convincing him that the others don't trust or care about him. MrPig then combines the Eye with a conduit, causing its effects to impact the entire server, blocking everyone's admin commands. He then sends MrPig and Techno_Hood out to retrieve the 3 Tridents of the Sea. Meanwhile the Original crew spot the beacons being produced from the tridents, and they set out on a journey to get them.

Herostar goes to find Diamond_Lover, who has taken major damage after falling due to his flying command being blocked by the eye. Meanwhile the rest of the crew find a village and get some supplies, before continuing to the first trident. As Herostar and Diamond_Lover make their way to the others, a phantom spawns and kills Diamond_Lover, with Herostar becoming angry and using one of DL's diamond shovels to violently kill the phantom. Overlord, Miss_Mouse, Sheep_e and Old-Sword locate the first trident, but are ambushed by MrPig and Techno_Hood, but are quickly fought off when Miss_Mouse and Overlord learn how to use the trident. The 4 then locate some Turtle eggs, and protect them from The Drowned so they can gather the Scutes to create water breathing helmets. MrPig and Techno_Hood locate the second trident, just before Overlord and Old_Sword show up. Techno_Hood uses the trident to kill Old_Sword, and Overlrod is able to use his trident to steal hers, with MrPig stealing his in return. Overlord then flees using the trident, and goes to meet up with the others.

Sheep_e, Herostar and Miss_Mouse arrive at the Ocean monument, and Overlord quickly joins them. The 4 all swim into the monument when they are Jump-scared by the Elder Guardians, they are able to defeat all 3 but when they go to retrieve the 3rd trident, MrPig sneaks up behind them and uses the trident to destroy Miss_Mouse's helmet, causing her to drown. The reaming 3 engage in a short battle with MrPig and Techno_Hood during which the 3 tridents collide and reveal the location of the Diamond Eye. The 3 remaining heroes manage to escape and start to make their way to the Eye, with the evil duo following them. The 3 manage to make it to Lord_Hat's underwater base, and they all confront Lord_Hat, but MrPig sneaks up behind them and kills Sheep_e.

The remaining 2 heroes get into an intense duel with MrPig and Techno_Hood, and during this fight Lord_Hat adds rain to his base, allowing the tridents special ability to be used. Herostar attempts to get Lord_Hat to surrender, but is knocked down by a lightning bolt fired by the eye. Overlord is also knocked down by MrPig, and with the 2 defenceless on the floor, Lord_Hat orders MrPig to finish them off. However just before MrPig does this, Lord_Hat accidentally reveals he is working for Ultimate_Overlord, causing MrPig to go into a rage, knocking down Techno_Hood and charging at Lord_Hat. Lord_Hat trembles in fear as MrPig rushes toward shim and strikes him down in one quick slash, his Hat and Monocle landing one the ground just before MrPig steps on them. MrPig then gathers all 3 tridents and charges them up before dashing right through the eye, shattering both it and the tridents. This caused the server to return to normal, and allowed the deceased heroes to rejoin. MrPig's actions finally let Overlord trust him, and grant him op powers. He then Bans Techno_Hood and Lord_Hat, and shortly afterwards Overlord resets the map, removing anything left over by Ultimate_Overlord.

Meanwhile it is revealed that Lord_Hat was arrested in real life, and was assigned as Ultimate_Overlord's roommate. UO is angry at Lord_Hat for failing, but is interrupted by the leaders of Virtis, who overheard their conversation.


  • This season has similarities to The MC Story Season 6, in which two opposing teams are in a race to retrieve some powerful items to defeat the hacker(s) who have taken over the server.
  • The eye was Hidden underground by Ultimate_Overlord a long time ago.
  • This season has the most Protagonist deaths of any other season.
  • This is the first time MrPig was an antagonist since Season 2.
  • While Lord_Hat is the main antagonist of this season, he had very few appearances and made Techno_Hood and MrPig do all the work for him.
  • This is the first season to have Guardians and Elder guardians.
  • At the time of release, many items in this season were from a snapshot, confirming that the server updates to development versions.
  • It is unknown how the tridents existed in the chests, as the last time Ultimate_Overlord was on the server was before they were introduced, it is very likely that the eye spawned them.
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