Season 5 is the fifth season of The Minecrafters and the fourth season chronologically, being a prequel to Season 4. The original crew tackle the unleashed curse, creating evil versions of the upcoming new crew.



The season starts off right after the end of Season 3, where the 5 main protagonists are stuck in the middle of the curse's effects. A strange fog representing the curse appears in the sky and taunts the crew before summoning many mobs for the crew to fight. While the crew are fighting the mobs, the curse copies the player's data, causing them to collapse, before it disappears along with all the mobs. The crew eventually wakes up and they start to investigate what happened. The come across a castle and enter it, avoiding some traps at the entrance. The crew makes their way deeper into the castle, when they come across 5 tubes containing the bodies of the Cursed New crew. The fog appears once again and enters the bodies, causing them to awaken, and break out of their tubes. The crew then attempt to escape, but Old_Sword, Sheep_e and Miss_Mouse are captured, and sent to a prison. Herostar and Diamond-Lover narrowly escape and hide underground to mine for supplies.

Shortly after HS and DL go into hiding, MrPig is able to revive himself and re-join the server, though is surprised no one is there to greet him. He quickly realises that the curse is in effect, and takes shelter in a cave, where is decides to revive his old rival, Overlord. Overlord immediately starts to attack MrPig, but stops when MrPig draws a sword on him, and clams him down by explaining he no longer has ties with Ultimate_Overlord. Overlord and MrPig agree to work together to stop the curse, and eventually Herostar and Diamond_Lover find them. MrPig explains all about the curse to them and how they are going to get into the castle; using the nether to bypass the defences. They manage to gather the obsidian and create a portal, allowing them to continue into the nether.

Back in the castle, the cursed Charlotte_Axe, Redstone_Lover and Dr_Evil start messing with Miss_Mouse, Old_Sword and Sheep_e, by attacking them with weapons and using them as target practice. They manage to avoid the attacks for a bit, but all eventually get hit by one of the curse members. They are about to be finished off when the curse Blade_101 and Sniper_6 reveal that the rest of the crew are sneaking through the nether, and all 5 of the cursed crew go to the portal to ambush them, leaving the remaining crew in a top-less cage. The 3 easily escape and start to roam the castle, falling into a pit that contained spawners full of failed NPC prototypes. Sheep_e is able to get a sword and the 3 continue exploring.

They come across 3 graves, one for Chuckle, one for Overlord and one for MrPig, all 3 having their death caused by Ultimate_Overlord. This caused the 3 to act disgusted, as the graves simply mock the 3 players.

Back in the nether, the 4 players narrowly escape some zombie Pigman which MrPig accidentally provoked, and eventually find the exit portal, and make their way to it. Having collected 3 wither skulls, Overlord has the idea of sending a wither through the portal to ambush the cursed players. Overlord summons it but is knocked back by it, Herostar quickly takes Overlord's knockback sword and using it to knock the wither through the portal. The cursed crew are waiting at the portal, when the wither goes through and starts attacking them. They try to fight it, but are no use, as they were not programmed to fight a wither, instead they decide to lure it to the 3 captured players, hoping it'll kill them. OL, HS, DL and MP sneak through the portal and start to search the castle, Overlord snaps at MrPig for making too much noise, but Herostar prevents them from killing each other. The cursed crew find the 3 captured players, and bring the wither with them, causing it to attack the players, before the curse crew flies away.

Sheep_e is able to deflect some of its attacks, but his sword breaks, and the 3 retreat back into the grave room. The wither destroys the graves, before continuing to attack them. The 4 other crew members find the wither, and proceed to attack it, killing it quickly as they all kept slashing at it non-stop. The crew reunite, and they notice that behind the destroyed graves is a catwalk that leads right to the command block. MrPig and Overlord go and investigate it, while the rest of the crew stay on guard.

The Cursed new crew appear out of nowhere and start to attack the Original crew, at first, they have the upper hand, but MrPig starts to hack the command block causing the cursed crew to lose their powers one at a time. Each of the original crew is then able to kill their cursed counterpart, except for Sheep_e, as Dr_Evil is mysteriously teleported away before he can stab him. The fog appears once again and proceeded to infect the original crew, causing them to gain a wither appearance, and a weak body. MrPig reveals that he is locked out of the command block, and suddenly out of nowhere, Ultimate_Overlord spawns and greets the two players. He taunts the players, before all 3 proceed to have an intense battle, with no one gaining the upper hand at first. MrPig distracts Ultimate_Overlord with a snowball to the face, and him and Overlord start to ascend a staircase, however UO attempts to stop them. MrPig then fights UO but is knocked off platform and fakes his death. Meanwhile Overlord sacrifice himself and UO, by knocking himself and UO off the ledge, and into the command block where it explodes, killing them both. Just before this a flashback occurs showing why UO betrayed his brother, an event which happened long before season 1.

The Original crew now withered, are teleported back to the surface and go into hiding, waiting for the New Crew to return. Meanwhile MrPig is shown to be alive, and he states he will find a way to stop the curse, before vowing revenge against Ultimate_Overlord. The events of season 4 occur after this, and the Season 5 Sequel takes place after that, wrapping everything up.


  • This season features the most amount of antagonists of any other season, with a total of 6.
  • Almost the entire season takes place before Season 4, apart for the sequel which occurs right afterwards.
  • This is the first season to have the first frame as a dedicated title frame.
  • This season used to have the highest amount of characters, until Overlord Chronicles was released.
  • There is a lot of tension between MrPig and Overlord during this season, as Overlord does not fully trust MrPig, and this leads to him taking out his anger on MrPig several times through the series.
  • From episode 3, a new weapon swing effect was added, two lines would be used to create a slash-effect. However this made the characters seem rather stiff when fighting, so this effect was removed for the next season.
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