Season 4 is the fourth season of The Minecrafters and the fifth season chronologically, taking place after the events of Season 5, but released before it. A new set of players tackle the problems in the server: the overlord curse!



Shortly after the events of Season 5, Blade_101 re joins the server as a real member, and meets Sniper_6 who is also the same. The two realise that they're not skilled enough, but they find Herostar who trains them. The remaining cursed member Dr_Evil shows up and bans Herostar, releasing part of the curse while Sniper_6 and Blade_101 flee. The two eventually meet up with Charlotte_Axe and they team up, and they come across Diamond_Lover's house and meet him. He is quickly banned by Dr_Evil and the trio retreat underground, with Sniper_6 guarding the entrance. They are ambushed by a bunch of mobs but are saved by Redstone_Lover, who joins their team. The crew splits up with Redstone_Lover and Blade_101 finding Old_Sword, while Sniper_6 and Charlotte_Axe battle Dr_Evil.

Old_Sword is able to lead the two to a stronghold, but Dr_Evil fires lightning at Sniper_6 and Charlotte_Axe leaving them to die, but luckily they both have a golden apple which saves them. Dr_Evil then makes his way to and bans Old_Sword before fleeing once again. The group continue onwards and find Sheep_e, who has gone mad and is placing wool everywhere. Blade_101 and Charlotte_Axe follow him while Redstone_Lover and Sniper_6 go to gather supplies, but they are ambushed by Dr_Evil. The two are able to hold up to Dr_evil, and using contraptions they are able to make him flee, but he quickly finds Sheep_e and bans him as well. Blade_101 and Charlotte_Axe attempt to fight him but he proves to be too strong and knocks both of them down. Sniper_6 and Redstone_Lover arrive just in time to make him flee again.

The 4 realise that they need to enter the end and find Miss_Mouse before she is banned, and they find the portal and enter it, sending them all the the End. The crew fight the Ender Dragon using as many techniques as they can, and by working together they are all able to defeat it. Their weapons have been badly damaged however, but they have no choice but to visit the Far ends to reach Miss_Mouse, which they are able to do and she explains as much about the curse as she can. Dr_Evil finds Miss_Mouse and bans here, releasing the final part of the curse and it takes the form of a Wither while discarding Dr_Evil, who quickly gets controlled by a real player. Dr_Evil apologises for what he has done and gives the crew some diamonds while he distracts the Wither.

The crew gear up and prepare to fight the Wither, who has corned Dr_evil and prepares to kill him. The group begin to attack the Wither, with Blade_101 and Charlotte_Axe attacking it up front, Sniper_6 shooting it with arrows and Redstone_Lover using potions against it. By working together the 4 are able to kill and cut of the 2 smaller Wither heads, but before they can damage it any further, the Wither traps them all in a cage and prepares to kill all of them. MrPig arrives out of no where before the Curse can do anything, and he reveals that he has created a device to trap the curse in, and he activates it. The Wither is sucked into the device and MrPig is able to free the Crew and restore the Main crew, before teleporting them all to the surface. The Main crew then begin to explain what happened during the curse to the New crew.


  • Originally the entire plot for this season was vastly different:
    • The New crew were meant to all be random players with no previous connection to the curse.
    • Dr_Evil was supposed to be a hacker who took over the server by himself and was just banning the Main crew for fun.
    • The entire season was meant to be set decades after Season 3, with the original crew being ages naturally.
  • The Plot went through another revision before the final:
    • The original crew was to create the New crew to replace themselves, and this was explained in an early version of the finale, before it was changed.
  • MrPig was not originally going to return, but was added in last minute.
  • MrPig's device to trap the curse has never been explained in any way.
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