Season 3 is the third season of The Minecrafters and continues the story, and is the first not to feature MrPig, due to his death. The Destroyer is introduced as a henchman for Ultimate Overlord.



Ultimate_Overlord hires The Destroyer as a new assistant, this time on with powers that rival his own, he trains him to fire lightning. Meanwhile Chuckle builds a house for the crew, but it is attacked by a group of NPCs, but the crew is able to defeat them twice and even defeat a Wither. Ultimate_Overlord is able to capture Herostar and Miss_Mouse, and is able to kill Chuckle while he was home alone. The crew learn of a new Death Lord and plan to destroy it.

Miss_Mouse is once again captured but is able to save herself, and joins the rest of the crew on their fight. The crew make their way to the Death Lord and have a massive battle, they think they kill The_Destroyer and chase after Ultimate_Overlord. They manage to blow up the ship and they all fall into water, they are about to kill Ultimate_Overlord when the Destroyer, who survived, kills Ultimate_Overlord and gives control to the crew before killing himself. After a while however the overlord curse begins and the crew are shocked.


  • This season's plot is somewhat similar to the previous, in which Ultimate_Overlord attempts to launch his Death Lord to show his reign over the server.
  • The season has the second villain turned hero death, that being Chuckle.
  • Excluding Overlord Chronicles, this is the only season in which The_Destroyer makes an appearance in.
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