Season 2 is the second season of The Minecrafters and continues the story, and introduces Ultimate Overlord as the main antagonist, now with MrPig as a secondary antagonist. Chuckle is also introduced.



Herostar, Diamond_lover and and Sheep_e rejoin the server and find out the map has been reset, and MrPig has been freed from jail. After a close encounter with MrPig a new member called Overlord2 joins, and deops Overlord and grants MrPig OP powers. He is revealed to be Overlord's brother and he and MrPig kill Overlord and take control of the server. However shortly afterwards UO de ops MrPig and discards him as useless, causing MrPig to plot revenge against him. Miss_Mouse joins the server and joins the main crew and shortly afterwards Chuckle joins. He is tricked by Ultimate_Overlord to kill the main crew, and he uses many traps to try and do so. Ultimate_Overlord reveals that he is working on a new ship, the Death Lord and that he has many NPCs working on it.

MrPig eventually tries to defeat UO but is grievously injured in the process, he tells the crew of the Death Lord and leads them towards it, but he dies shortly afterwards. Herostar battles UO on the Death Lord but UO accidentally hits it with a powerful lightning bolt, causing it to crash into the ground, and UO orders the remaining NPCs to repair it. Chuckle is defeated by Diamond_Lover and is convinced to join the main crew after he learns he was tricked. After it is relaunched Herostar once again battles Ultimate_Overlord on an under-hanging platform but once again UO accidentally hits the Death Lord with another lightning bolt, causing it to finally explode. The main crew all celebrate their victory.


  • This is the first season to have a female character.
  • This is the first season to have more than 1 antagonist
  • This is also the first season where a character changes side.
  • The first episode of this season is the only one to have 5 slides.
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