Season 1 is the first season of The Minecrafters and opens the story by introducing Herostar, Sheep_e and Diamond Lover. MrPig is introduced as the main antagonist for this Season.



Herostar and Diamond_Lover join a server and quickly become friends, they get into a fight with many mobs when Old_Sword saves them from an Enderman. The 3 start adventuring and gear up, but they eventually run into MrPig who reveals himself as the OP of the server. He immediately starts taunting the players and sets up many traps for them to avoid. The 3 heroes eventually make it into the End, where they are forced to fight the Ender Dragon, they succeed and return to the overworld. They continue to gear up while avoiding MrPig's traps, when Sheep_e joins and is almost fooled by MrPig, Until Herostar arrives and tells him the truth.

The 4 gear up some more and eventually go to confront MrPig. MrPig reveals he is not the true owner and that he stole the server from Overlord a while ago. Meanwhile Overlord is able to get back into the server, and he bans MrPig and resets the map back. He thanks the heroes for stalling MrPig, and gives all of them a reward. MrPig is unbanned but placed in a jail where he cannot escape, for the meantime.


  • This season contains the most "real life" sections, and is also very faithful to the original game, having many stats of weapons show and title screens.
  • This season contains the least amount of characters of any season.
  • The first episode of this season (The Minecrafters (episode)) was remastered after Series 5, to have the current art style, though the story is unchanged.
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