Revenge of the Endermen is the 5th episode of Season 1



Diamond_Lover shoots and arrow at the Endermen, but they all teleport way. Old_Sword quickly kills all 3 when they teleport next to him, and they continue heading back to the stronghold. Herostar kills a creeper but it causes his sword to break, leaving him only with a iron pickaxe to defend himself with. He returns to the portal but it is strangely broken, MrPig appears and reveals he moved the real portal away, and that HS would have to climb to reach it.
Herostar makes it to the real portal, and waits for the others to arrive, he kills a slime and a bunch of slimeballs fall from above, most likely as a joke. Old_Sword and Diamond_Lover make their way through a cave, when they come across a bridge lined with TNT. They sprint across it, and barely make it across before the TNT explodes. They meet up with Herostar and fill the portal frames, and they all jump into the active portal.


  • The broken portal was actually an error, as the writer drew the portal wrong, so he decided to make it part of the plot.
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