Revenge is the first episode of Season 3, continuing off right where Season 2 ended.


Diamond Lover
Ultimate Overlord
Miss Mouse
The Destroyer


Ultimate_Overlord gets up after having been defeated, and is approached by The_Destroyer and immediately recognises him. UO offers to team up with TD and teach him how to fire lightning, to which he agrees. Ultimate_Overlord reveals he learnt a new ability, to shoot fireballs from his hands. Meanwhile the original crew return to the server, this time with Old_Sword, who is introduced to both Miss_Mouse and Chuckle. UO appears out of no where and taunts the crew, and fires a lightning bolt at Herostar and fireballs at Old_Sword, who are both able to block the attacks. UO flies away while the crew sort out some armour between them, Chuckle goes to build a house while the rest except for Miss_Mouse go exploring.

Meanwhile The_Destroyer is able to fire a weak lightning bolt thanks to UO's training. While in a cave the original crew find some supplies but back at the base TD fires a lightning bolt at the crew's old house, while Miss_Mouse is sitting on a platform outside, leaving her defenceless to the mobs that started to spawn.


  • This is the first episode since Season 1 to have Old_Sword as a character.
  • This is the first time a character who isn't Ultimate_Overlord fires lightning.
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