Repairs is the 11th episode of Season 2.



Herostar and Ultimate_Overlord survive the Death Lord explosion, and they are both on a falling platform where they have a brief sword fight. UO then starts to fly and shoot lightning at the platform, destroying it. Before Herostar can fall he jumps and grabs UO's legs, but UO sends a lightning bolt at him causing him to let go and fall into a small lake. Diamond_Lover and Miss_Mouse find him and take him into the house.

Meanwhile UO finds Chuckle on the ground from his previous fall, and helps him up. The heavily damaged Death Lord crashes next to them, and UO commands the remaining NPCs to repair it. Herostar is lying in a bed in bandages, having taken quite a beating from his fall, while Sheep_e is shown to have survived his fall, and he finds a book on the ground. He opens it and it's a message from Chuckle telling him to die.


  • It is unknown how the Death Lord survived when it crashed.
  • Both Chuckle and Sheep_e somehow survive falling from a height.
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