Redstone_Lover was a major Protagonist in Season 4 and a minor antagonist in Season 5. He is a member of the New Crew.


Redstone_Lover was created by Ultimate_Overlord to defeat the main crew, his data was copied from Old_Sword and he was released from a chamber in Ultimate_Overlord's castle. He was able to capture Old_Sword and place him in a jail cell along with Sheep_e and Miss_mouse. He, Dr_Evil and Charlotte_Axe used the 3 as target practice, but placing them in an arena and using their special abilities to hit them. Before he could finish them off, Blade_101 and Sniper_6 inform him that the rest of the crew are sneaking through the castle via the nether, and the 5 cursed members fly to the portal. However Overlord and Herostar send a Wither through the portal and it starts to attack the cursed crew. He tries to hit it with fireballs but is hit, so the cursed crew decide to lure it towards the 3 trapped players. The cursed crew fights the main crew one more time, and he is the second to be killed after MrPig removes their abilities.

He is revived in Season 4 and is now controlled by a real player and meets up with Blade_101, Sniper_6 and Charlotte_Axe when they are trapped in a cave, and he uses a contraption to save them. The new crew try to find the rest of the crew but every time he finds one of the original crew Dr_Evil is able to ban them before they can explain about the curse. He fights Dr_Evil on one occasion and is able to fight him off after a struggle, and also saves Blase_101 and Charlotte_Axe form Dr_Evil when he attacks them.

He enters the End with the rest of the crew and battles the Enderdragon, he uses many contraptions but some get destroyed but the crew is able to defeat it as a team. The crew then enter the Far Ends and meet Miss_Mouse, who explains what the curse is. However she is banned by Dr_Evil and the curse is released into a Wither. He, along with the rest of the new Crew and the now reformed Dr_Evil battle the Wither and initially have the upper hand. However the Wither is able to trap the crew in a cage, but MrPig is able to stop the Wither with a program he made, and frees the crew and resets the effects of the curse. He and the rest of the new crew decide to leave the server and go on their own adventures.

Skills and personality

While cursed, Redstone_Lover was a cold hearted and merciless player, along with the rest of the curse crew. He had no problem capturing his main counterpart and torturing him. However once he was freed from the curse he was very helpful and resourceful, providing support to the rest of the crew.

He is very skilled at redstone contraptions, being able to make anything in a second, and is able to use them to assist his friends in battle.


  • Most of his contraptions are impossible to make in the real game.
  • His name used to be Red_Lover but the writer changed it to Redstone_Lover to be more fitting.
  • He is the only character to have a beard on his skin.
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