The Prologue is chronologically the first Minecrafters episode, though it was written after Season 1. It was written to introduce Herostar and Diamond_Lover as in the first episode they had no introduction.



Herostar joins Overlord's server, and begins to punch trees to collect wood. After a bit he goes mining to get some coal, but when he is about to mine it Diamond_Lover appears and claims the coal is his. The two quickly make friends and continue to mine together. After some mining they return to the surface and build a house, but it turns night so they hide inside for the night. During the day they go out exploring, and kill a few mobs and make a bow. They come across a diamond ore located above ground, and the episode ends.


  • This episode contains the least amount of characters of any episode.
  • While this episode was written after Season 1, it is meant to be read before it.
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