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Series 1:

Herostar and Diamond_Lover join a server and quickly become friends, they get into a fight with many mobs when Old_Sword saves them from an Enderman. The 3 start adventuring and gear up, but they eventually run into MrPig who reveals himself as the OP of the server. He immediately starts taunting the players and sets up many traps for them to avoid. The 3 heroes eventually make it into the End, where they are forced to fight the Ender Dragon, they succeed and return to the overworld. They continue to gear up while avoiding MrPig's traps, when Sheep_e joins and is almost fooled by MrPig, Until Herostar arrives and tells him the truth. The 4 gear up some more and eventually go to confront MrPig. MrPig reveals he is not the true owner and that he stole the server from Overlord a while ago. Meanwhile Overlord is able to get back into the server, and he bans MrPig and resets the map back. He thanks the heroes for stalling MrPig, and gives all of them a reward. MrPig is unbanned but placed in a jail where he cannot escape, for the meantime.

Series 2:

The server has been reset again and Mr_Pig is allowed back on, however he has been hired by Ultimate_overlord to be his assistant and together they kill overlord and regain control of the server, however Ultimate_Overlord discards MP as useless. Later Miss_Mouse joins in and they all learn of the death lord that is being built, Ultimate overlord tricks chuckle into trapping the players, and later Mr_Pig attempts to stop Ultimate_Overlord, but is killed, but not before turning good, later the crew convinces chuckle the Ultimate_Overlord is bad and he joins them, meanwhile HS destroyed the launched death lord and knocks Ultimate_Overlord away.

Series 3:

Ultimate_Overlord hires The destroyer as a new assistant, this time on with powers that rival his own, the crew is then attacked and chuckle is eventually killed, the crew learn of a new death lord and attempt to destroy it, miss_mouse stops being useless and can fight, the crew make their way to the death lord and have a massive battle, they think they kill the destroyer and chase after Ultimate_Overlord. They manage to blow up the ship and they all fall into water, they are about to kill Ultimate_Overlord when the Destroyer, who survived, kills Ultimate_Overlord and gives control to the crew before killing himself. After a while however the overlord curse begins and the crew are shocked

Series 4:

This is set some time after series 3 after the curse has finished, there is a new crew who have no memory of what happened before, Blade and sniper find a book that list member so the old crew, they find them one by one but a villain called Dr_Evil bans the old crew one by one, the new crew eventually all meet up, and they go to the end after finding most of the old crew and battling Dr_Evil a few times, they find the last old crew but she is banned, and curse has now regained full straight and discards Dr_Evil, the crew fight the curse that has possessed a wither, they initially have the upper hand when Mr_Pig arrives, after somehow reviving himself, with a device to trap the curse forever

Series 5:

The season starts off right after the end of Season 3, where the 5 main protagonists are stuck in the middle of the curse's effects. A strange fog representing the curse appears in the sky, and taunts the crew before summoning many mobs for the crew to fight. While the crew are fighting the mobs, the curse copies the player's data, causing them to collapse, before it disappears along with all the mobs. The crew eventually wakes up and they start to investigate what happened. The come across a castle and enter it, avoiding some traps at the entrance. The crew makes their way deeper into the castle, when they come across 5 tubes containing the bodies of the Cursed New crew. The fog appears once again and enters the bodies, causing them to awaken, and break out of their tubes. The crew then attempt to escape, but Old_Sword, Sheep_e and Miss_Mouse are captured, and sent to a prison. Herostar and Diamond-Lover narrowly escape, and hide underground to mine for supplies.

Shortly after HS and DL go into hiding, MrPig is able to revive himself and re-join the server, though is surprised no one is there to greet him. He quickly realises that The curse is in effect, and takes shelter in a cave, where is decides to revive his old rival, Overlord. Overlord immediately starts to attack MrPig, but stops when MrPig draws a sword on him, and clams him down by explaining he no longer has ties with Ultimate_Overlord. Overlord and MrPig agree to work together to stop the curse, and eventually Herostar and Diamond_Lover find them. MrPig explains all about the curse to them and how they are going to get into the castle; using the nether to bypass the defences. They manage to gather the obsidian and create a portal, allowing them to continue on into the nether.

Back in the castle, The cursed Charlotte_Axe, Redstone_Lover and Dr_Evil start messing with Miss_Mouse, Old_Sword and Sheep_e, by attacking them with weapons and using them as target practice. They manage to avoid the attacks for a bit, but all eventually get hit by one of the curse members. They are about to be finished off when the curse Blade_101 and Sniper_6 reveal that the rest of the crew are sneaking through the nether, and all 5 of the cursed crew go to the portal to ambush them, leaving the remaining crew in a top-less cage. The 3 easily escape and start to roam the castle, falling into a pit that contained spawners full of failed NPC prototypes. Sheep_e is able to get a sword and the 3 continue exploring. They come across 3 graves, one for Chuckle, one for Overlord and one for MrPig, all 3 having their death caused by Ultimate_Overlord. This caused the 3 to act disgusted, as the graves simply mock the 3 players.

Back in the nether, the 4 players narrowly escape some zombie Pigman which MrPig accidentally provoked, and eventually find the exit portal, and make their way to it. Having collected 3 wither skulls, Overlord has the idea of sending a wither through the portal to ambush the cursed players. Overlord summons it but is knocked back by it, Herostar quickly takes Overlord's knockback sword and using it to knock the wither through he portal. The cursed crew are waiting at the portal, when the wither goes through and starts attacking them. They try to fight it, but are no use, as they were not programmed to fight a wither, instead they decide to lure it to the 3 captured players, hoping it'll kill them. OL, HS, DL and MP sneak through the portal and start to search the castle, Overlord snaps at MrPig for making too much noise, but Herostar prevents them from killing each other.

The cursed crew find the 3 captured players, and bring the wither with them, causing it to attack the players, before the curse crew flies away. Sheep_e is able to deflect some of its attacks, but his sword breaks, and the 3 retreat back into the grave room. The wither destroys the graves, before continuing to attack them. The 4 other crew member find the wither, and proceed to attack it, killing it quickly as they all kept slashing at it non-stop. The crew reunite, and they notice that behind the destroyed graves is a catwalk that leads right to the command block. MrPig and Overlord go and investigate it, while the rest of the crew stay on guard.

The Cursed new crew appear out of nowhere and start to attack the Original crew, at first they have the upper hand, but MrPig is able to hack the command block causing the cursed crew to lose their powers one at a time. Each of the original crew is then able to kill their cursed counterpart, except for Sheep_e, as Dr_Evil is mysteriously teleported away before he can stab him. The fog appears once again and proceeded to infect the original crew, causing them to gain a wither appearance, and a weak body. MrPig reveals that he is locked out of the command block, and suddenly out of nowhere, Ultimate_Overlord spawns and greets the two players. He taunts the players, before all 3 proceed to have an intense battle, with no one gaining the upper hand at first. MrPig distracts Ultimate_Overlord with a snowball to the face, and him and Overlord start to ascend a staircase, however UO attempts to stop them. MrPig then fights UO but is knocked off platform and fakes his death. Meanwhile Overlord sacrifice himself and UO, by knocking himself and UO off the ledge, and into the command block where it explodes, killing them both. Just before this a flashback occurs showing why UO betrayed his brother, an event which happened long before season 1. 

The Original crew now withered, are teleported back to the surface and go into hiding, waiting for the New Crew to return. Meanwhile MrPig is shown to be alive, and he states he will find a way to stop the curse, before vowing revenge against Ultimate_Overlord. The events of season 4 occur after this, and the Season 5 Sequel takes place after that, wrapping everything up.

Series 6:

The season starts off with Techno_Hood exploring a cave and trying to locate an item. She come sacross a chest, but when she opens it it is revealed that MrPig was hiding inside of it, and she quickly closes it on him. Mere seconds later however MrPig throws an item out of the chest claiming he has no idea what it is, it turns out the item was the Diamond Eye. Techno_Hood accidentally activates it and it lags the server to the point were no one can use any commands, and it event reverts Old_Swords and Sheep_e's houses to an earlier stage of development. Everyone immediately asks Overlord what went wrong, and he checks the server Log, and he finds that thousands of fake requests have been sent to the server. Techno_Hood encounters Overlord, Sheep_e and MrPig while still in the cave, and they have a brief duel, before she uses the eye on them at point blank, permanently blocking their commands. Techno_Hood later encounters Old_Sword and Miss_Mouse, and again uses the eye at point blank, blocking their commands.

Techno_Hood then enters an underwater base where Lord_Hat is revealed, and he explains to Techno_Hood that he wants her to retrive MrPig, as he belives he has a use for him. Meanwhile MrPig is accidentally teleported to a random location By Diamond_Lover, but quickly encounters Techno_Hood, who forces him to follow her to the base. AT the base Lord_Hat is able to trick MrPig into joining him, by convincing him that the others don't trust or care about him. MrPig then combines the Eye with a conduit, causing it's effects to impact the entire server, blocking everyone's admin commands. He then sends MrPig and Techno_Hood out to retrieve the 3 Tridents of the Sea. Meanwhile the Original crew spot the beacons being produced from the tridents, and they set out on a journey to get them.

Herostar goes to find Diamond_Lover, who has taken major damage after falling due to his flying command being blocked by the eye. Meanwhile the rest of the crew find a village and get some supplies, before continuing to the first trident. As Herostar and Diamond_Lover make their way to the others, a phantom spawns and kills Diamond_Lover, with Herostar becoming angry and using one of DL's diamond shovels to violently kill the phantom. Overlord, Miss_Mouse, Sheep_e and Old-Sword locate the first trident, but are ambushed by MrPig and Techno_Hood, but are quickly fought off when Miss_Mouse and Overlord learn how to use the trident. The 4 then locate some Turtle eggs, and protect them from The Drowned so they can gather the Scutes to create water breathing helmets. MrPig and Techno_Hood locate the second trident, just before Overlord and Old_Sword show up. Techno_Hood uses the trident to kill Old_Sword, and Overlrod is able to use his trident to steal hers, with MrPig stealing his in return. Overlord then flees using the trident, and goes to meet up with the others.

Sheep_e, Herostar and Miss_Mouse arrive at the Ocean monument, and Overlord quickly joins them. The 4 all swim into the monument when they are Jump-scared by the Elder Guardians, they are able to defeat all 3 but when they go to retrieve the 3rd trident, MrPig sneaks up behind them and uses the trident to destroy Miss_Mouse's helmet, causing her to drown. The reaming 3 engage in a short battle with MrPig and Techno_Hood during which the 3 tridents collide and reveal the location of the Diamond Eye. The 3 remaining heroes manage to escape and start to make their way to the Eye, with the evil duo following them. The 3 manage to make it to Lord_Hat's udnerwater base, and they all confront Lord_Hat, but MrPig sneaks up behind them and kills Sheep_e.

The remaining 2 heroes get into an intense duel with MrPig and Techno_Hood, and during this fight Lord_Hat adds rain to his base, allowing the tridents special ability to be used. Herostar attempts to get Lord_Hat to surrender, but is knocked down by a lightning bolt fired by the eye. Overlord is also knocked down by MrPig, and with the 2 defenseless on the floor, Lord_Hat orders MrPig to finish them off. However just before MrPig does this, Lord_Hat accidentally reveals he is working for Ultimate_Overlord, causing MrPig to go into a rage, knocking down Techno_Hood and charging at Lord_Hat. Lord_Hat trembles in fear as MrPig rushes toward shim and strikes him down in one quick slash, his Hat and Monocle landing one the ground just before MrPig steps on them. MrPig then gathers all 3 tridents and charges them up before dashing right through the eye, shattering both it and the tridents. This caused the server to return to normal, and allowed the deceased heroes to rejoin. MrPig's actions finally let Overlord trust him, and grant him op powers. He then Bans Techno_Hood and Lord_Hat, and shortly afterwards Overlord resets the map, removing anything left over by Ultimate_Overlord.

Meanwhile it is revealed that Lord_Hat was arrested in real life, and was assigned as Ultimate_Overlord's roommate. UO is angry at Lord_Hat for failing, but is interrupted by the leaders of Virtis, who over heard their conversation.

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