Penultimate Duel is the 12th episode of Season 5 where the crew deal face off against their cursed counterparts for the last time.



Sheep_e, Old_Sword and Miss_Mouse ask why MrPig is here, and he tells them he is now good to which Overlord somewhat backs up. The 3 captured players tell the rest what happened to them, and how they were used as target practice and how they lead a Wither to them. MrPig notices something behind the destroyed graves and realises it's the command block. MrPig asks Overlord to cover him while he attempts to stop it, while Herostar gives the rest of the crew weapons. Suddenly the curse crew appears and each one begins the fight their counterpart. They all use their skills and powers to fight, and seem to have the upper hand initially.

MrPig is able to remove the power of the cursed crew, and one by one they are killed by their original counterpart, except for Dr_evil who is mysteriously teleported away. MrPig is then locked out of the command block and the 5 main players begins to get corrupted by the curse. They all gain a withered appearance and fall to the ground, too weak to stand. MrPig realises who has been watching them all along and both he and Overlord look up to see Ultimate_Overlord descending down towards them.


  • This episode has the most player deaths of any other, with a total of 4.
  • This is Ultimate_Overlord's first appearance since the end of Season 3.
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