Overlord duel is the 13th episode of Season 5 and the season finale.



MrPig and Overlord battle Ultimate Overlord inside his castle, with the latter using lightning to his own advantage. Ultimate Overlord is persuaded to fight properly by Overlord, but refuses, and continues using lightning against the two. The fight escalates up the stairs onto a platform, where MrPig finally convinces Ultimate Overlord to fight him properly, eventually resulting in the former being knocked off the platform, apparently dying. Overlord takes up the fight by himself, all the while recalling how everything descended due to his younger brother's jealousy.

Ultimate Overlord declares himself victorious, unable to be overthrown as long as the Curse command block remains intact. In one last heroic act, Overlord throws himself and his brother off of the platform, descending to the command block below; Ultimate Overlord shoots lightning down at him, hitting and destroying the curse command block once the two hit it and perish. The curse has now been trapped inside Herostar, Diamond_Lover, Sheep_e, Miss_Mouse and Old_Sword; the five agree to split up. MrPig, having faked his death, emerges from water, revealing he will find a way to stop the curse and leave a book for The Curse Crew.


  • During the flashback an early design for Techno_Hood is seen, who later is actually revealed to be her.
  • This is the second double lengthened episode, the first being the Season 4 finale.
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