This is the fifth episode of Overlord Chronicles



The players of the server are pleased with the server, but their plan to play on is cut short when Overlord 2 unleashes his rampage and rapidly kills lots of player with lightning. One particular player, Techno Hood, instead joins him. One player Old_Sword, reports this behaviour to Overlord, who receives the message while at college. He is alarmed and logs onto the server on his laptop, is surprised to see his younger brother, whom he fails to ban. Overlord 2 then shoots lightning at Overlord...


  • Techno_Hood is very quick to side with Ultimate_Overlord, this is the reason why she was very loyal to him in season 6.
  • Ultimate Overlord stats he is the ultimate overlord, and he will change his name to that in season 2.
  • Old_Sword was the only person on the server who managed to escape alive, it is also his first real life appearance.
  • Overlord is shown to be tired at college, but he still cares about the server as as soon as he found out it was being attacked, he ran to his laptop to save it.