This is the second episode of Overlord Chronicles, taking place a few years after the first episode. It shows the birth of the server and how Overlord and his brother created it.



Several years later, the brothers are playing Minecraft each on their own laptop. They've created a private server which they both join estactically, and begin playing from scratch. They quickly begin complaining about lag issues and exchanging details on their computer specs, but ignore the lag and continue playing. They continue to progress, the older progressing alot faster, the younger feeling jealous as a result. The younger shows a lust for power, and is thrilled when he is granted oeprating privileges by the older.

Finally, they get the idea of creating a public server, but upon deeming they don't have the server capacity, they find a cheap online deal where they can rent a server for £2.99 a month. They do it


  • This episode takes place many years after the previous.
  • It is revealed that Overlord's laptop only has 4GB ram, while his brother has a mere 3GB
  • This is the first episode where any character uses admin power.
  • The lightning bolt UO fires is very weak, as this was the first time using the power.
  • When the Brother's look at the rent a server screen, a review made by MrPig can be seen, saying how the servers aren't secure.