This is the first episode of Overlord Chronicles which takes place many years before Season 1 of the Minecrafters. It explains how Overlord and his brother got into the game and where the tension started.



Many years ago, Overlord wanted the game Minecraft, however upon asking his Mum to buy it for him, she insists that he must let his younger brother play too, so after a brief attempt at refusing, Overlord reluctantly agrees. After purchasing the game, Overlord has alot of fun playing, however the younger brother becomes frustrated at him not yet having his turn, so the elder allows him on the laptop. He immeditately shows a lack of skill and dies, so the older brother retakes his place, playing for several hours. Overlord has significantly progressed, but the younger brother demands another turn, and so he gets back on the game, however doesn't get very far. A small dispute erupts where the younger always wants to play, so Overlord wonders; if only they had another laptop.


  • This episode is the earliest chronologically by many years.
  • The Mum's face is never shown.
  • The version of the game is an unspecified alpha build while they are playing.
  • This episode contains more real life frames than in game frames, with 40 real life frames and 26 in game frames.
  • Ultimate_Overlord stats he will hack his brother if he doesn't let him play, this foreshadows his eventual takeover of the server.
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