Overlord Chronicles is a spin off series split into two arcs in which the Origins Arc shows the early life of Overlord and Ultimate Overlord before the events of The Minecrafters and how they set up the server. The Synchronous Arc re-shows important events from all the series and also what went on behind each of them with unseen moments especially with Ultimate_Overlord.


The Destroyer
Sniper 6
Charlotte Axe
Redstone Lover
Lord Hat
Many Server players and Admins
Virtis Leaders


Origins Arc

Many years ago, Overlord wanted the game Minecraft, however upon asking his Mum to buy it for him, she insists that he must let his younger brother play too, so after a brief attempt at refusing, Overlord reluctantly agrees. After purchasing the game, Overlord has alot of fun playing, however the younger brother becomes frustrated at him not yet having his turn, so the elder allows him on the laptop. He immeditately shows a lack of skill and dies, so the older brother retakes his place, playing for several hours. Overlord has significantly progressed, but the younger brother demands another turn, and so he gets back on the game, however doesn't get very far. 

Several years later, the brothers are playing Minecraft each on their own laptop. They've created a private server which they both join estactically, and begin playing from scratch. They quickly begin complaining about lag issues and exchanging details on their computer specs, but ignore the lag and continue playing. They continue to progress, the older progressing alot faster, the younger feeling jealous as a result. The younger shows a lust for power, and is thrilled when he is granted operating privileges by the older.

Finally, they get the idea of creating a public server, but upon deeming they don't have the server capacity, they find a cheap online deal where they can rent a server for £2.99 a month. They do it. Overlord's and Overlord 2's public server is finally open. A player join's Overlord and Overlord 2's server, named MrPig. He begins taunting Overlord 2 by calling him number 2, and isn't impressed with his game. MrPig tempts Overlord 2 by offering to teach him hacking, but he refuses. More players join the server and Overlord 2 feels even more neglected, and in his sleep ponders on when MrPig called him number 2, and contacts him online for help. The next day Overlord announces his depature for college, meaning he will be less active, pleasing Overlord 2 and he will now be able to carry out a plan.

The players of the server are pleased with the server, but their plan to play on is cut short when Overlord 2 unleashes his rampage and rapidly kills lots of player with lightning. One particular player, Techno Hood, instead joins him. One player Old_Sword, reports this behaviour to Overlord, who receives the message while at college. He is alarmed and logs onto the server on his laptop, is surprised to see his younger brother, whom he fails to ban.  Overlord asked him why he was taking over the server, and UO told him that he wanted to rule the server. The two start to fight each other when Ultimate_Overlord explained how MrPig had helped him.  Overlord then manages to ban his brother, but MrPig taunts him from behind. Overlord confronts MrPig, who reveals he orchestrated the sibling rivalry in hopes of removing an admin. Overlord discovers he cannot ban MrPig, and the latter even respawns after the former kills him. Overlord challenges MrPig to a duel, and after a brief struggle, MrPig wins and kills Overlord, now ready to begin his reign.

Synchronous Arc

Ultimate Overlord resorts to MrPig for help in teaching him hacking, planning to rule the server for himself with MrPig as his henchman. UO tries his hacks on random servers, and althought he fails on one, he succeeds on another. Overlord 2 takes control of the server, making himself known to the players and demoting MrPig to his number 2. Overlord joins and is killed by MrPig and Overlord 2, before O2 renames himself to Ultimate Overlord, finally piecing together his rule. Feeling as he no longe rneeds him, U_O deops MrPig and tosses him aside. Ultimate Overlord begins creating NPCs to build for him, however to no avail as they do not work. He tries again and successfully creates NPCs, which go on to carry out various orders such as creating a ship. He then has the NPCs create a giant spherical ship called the Death Lord, but MrPig climbs on board in an attempt to sabotage it.

MrPig breaches the Death Lord and attempts to persuade an NPC to stop working for Ultimate Overlord, but the latter is obversing him and teleports him up to his ship. MrPig hacks the ship's console and successfully crashes the ship, but in retaliation U_O electrocutes him with lightning and flings him across the map to the Minecrafter's house. MrPig leads them to U_O before he dies, and gives up on the server. U_O duels him and his lightning causes the ship to catch fire and explode, with U_O being struck by a fireball and shot down to the ground, but is then confronted by The Destroyer.

Ultimate Overlord introduces himself to The Destroyer, and quikcly become associates. U_O teaches The Destroyer to fire lightning and then assigns his NPC army three tasks in three groups. The first grroup are to build a castle with a silo, which houses a special command block which upon the death of U_O, would unleash a curse. Later on, U_O loses a battle with the Minecrafters, and he then reunites with the Destroyer, who is now a capable lightning user. 

Chuckle is confronted at the house by Ultimate Overlord's NPC army. He manages to fend them off for a short while, but eventually is shot in the head by an NPC with a bow.. Then, the Minecrafters confront U_O and T_D at the build site, and a short fight ensues.  UO then tells The_Destroyer to launch the death lord, thinking he has won he exclaims he has succeeded all by himself. The original crew then teleport on board and begin fighting the NPCs. UO tells TD to kill the players, to which he goes to, but ends up becoming bored and falls out of the ship when Sheep_e mines the block under him. The crew then chase UO on a mine track while Old_Sword hits a lever that activates TNT and causes the entire Death Lord to blow up. UO says how the crew ruined everything he made, but then TD arrives and kills UO as he was fed up with him. He then gives the crew op powers before killing himself. The curse command block activates shortly afterwards.

Ultimate_Overlord creates the 5 accounts he needs for his curse to work, doing so causes the the remaining NPCs to disappear. Meanwhile MrPig decides to rejoin the server at the same time Overlord does. UO rejoins the server but remains hidden, and crafts the Diamond Eye which he then places in a chest in a cave. MrPig starts to remove the curse crew's abilities while UO watches as they are all killed but one, who he teleports away. UO then infects the original crew with his curse and he then goes to confront Overlord and MrPig in a battle. Ultimate_Overlord and Overlord are killed when the command block is destroyed, causing UO to find help online. He goes on a hacking website and finds a user with a 5 star rating, being Lord_Hat. He contacts him and tells him how he needs help, to which Lord_Hat agrees to do. UO uses the remaining curse member to ban the original crew and release the Wither curse. MrPig is able to stop the curse fully and restore the server.

Before UO can do anything the FBI knock on his door and arrest him as he answers it. Lord_Hat begins the plan UO left him, he joins the server but is scared by a chicken, so he decides to build an underwater base. Techno_Hood joins the server and notices something under the water, and she goes to investigate. She finds Lord_Hat and he explains he is helping UO, who Techno_Hood remembers from long ago and agrees to help out. Techno_hood searches for the Diamond eye, while MrPig is walking unknowingly towards it, complaining how he didn't get op powers. Suddenly Overlord updates the server while MrPig trips, and when the server has updated, MrPig is trapped inside the chest. Meanwhile Lord_Hat finds out the 3 items to destroy the eye are now 3 tridents with different abilities. Later MrPig kills Lord_Hat in game as he finds out he is working for UO, and right after Lord_Hat is arrested by the FBI. He is then sent to the same jail cell as UO, and he explains how he failed. In the cell next to UO the 3 Virtis leaders convince UO to join them. A few days later the 3 Virtis leaders and UO mange to escape the jail.


  • This is the longest Season, with a total of 17 episodes.
  • This season spans the longest out of any other, starting long before Season 1 and ending right after Season 6.
  • This season contains the most characters of any season.
  • This season has the most real-life appearances of any season.
  • Along with Season 1 and 3, this is the only season where every episode has 6 slides.
  • Ultimate_Overlord is the only character to appear in every episode.
  • Every episode in this season used to have no name, but as of 20/09/2019 they were all given one.
  • On the 19th of October 2019 the Season was split into 2 arcs; The origins arc which takes place before the events of the Minecrafters, and the Synchronous Arc which takes place during the Main Comic.
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