Overlord is the operator of the server in the Comic, and is brothers with Ultimate_Overlord. He lost the server to MrPig, before gaining it back, however he shortly lost it again to his brother. He is a serious user, and doesn't take too kindly to his brother's takeover. He was a minor character in the first 2 seasons, before becoming a major character in Season 5 and 6.


Overlord first appeared in MrPig's flashback, when he was in a duel with him but lost. MrPig then takes over the server and bans Overlord. However he is able to regain control of the server and bans MrPig, before placing him in jail. He then rewards the protagonists with different things. In the next season he is shocked when his brother returns, and he goes to confront him but MrPig and UO kill him, and take over the server. He does not appear again until Season 5 where he is revived by MrPig.

When he is revived in season 5, he quickly recognises MrPig, and starts to attack him. MrPig is able to convince him that he is on his side, and Overlord reluctantly forms an alliance with him. He eventually meets up with Herostar and Diamond_Lover and the 4 mine for supplies. MrPig reveals his plan to bypass the Castles defenses using the Nether, and the 4 enter the nether through a portal made by MrPig. While in the nether he comes up with the idea to send a Wither into the castle, to distract the cursed crew. During his time in the Nether tension grows between him and MrPig, as the latter started to mess around. The group eventually finds the exit portal and Overlord summons the Wither and Herostar knocks it into the portal. While in the castle MrPig makes a lot of noise, causing Overlord to attack him, but Herostar breaks up the fight and the two apologise. Overlord then finds and kills the Wither along with the others.

While Overlord is covering MrPig who is hacking the command block, his brother connects to the server and he and MrPig engage in a battle with him. When UO knocks MrPig off the ledge causing him a fake death, Overlord lashes out at him and he is able to disarm UO. He then expresses his anger at his brother, before he decides to sacrifices himself to destroy the command block. He knocks himself in his brother causing both of them to fall of the ledge, while they are falling UO attempts to fire a lightning bolt at him, but he is falling to fast. A flashback then occurs, where Overlord and his brother first established the server together. It is revealed that the players on the server began to take notice solely on Overlord leaving his brother jealous and neglected. As a result of being unnoticed he wrecks the server via griefing out of anger, forcing Overlord to ban him. The flashback ends and OL and his brother fall onto the command block, and the lightning bolt hits it, causing it to explode and killing the overlord brothers. Overlord is revived in the Season 5 sequel when MrPig traps the curse for good. He reveals that his brother was sent to jail, before he ops the Original crew and leaves the server to visit his brother in real life.

During Season 6 he witnesses the effects of the Diamond Eye and checks the server log to see what happened, and is shocked to see that it is filled with thousands of fake requests. He later goes to investigate, and finds Techno_Hood who uses the eye near him causing his commands to be permanently blocked. He research what happens, and reveals that the Eye is causing all the lag, and that 3 devices can be used to destroy it. After MrPig combines the Eye with a conduit, the locations of the Tridents are revealed, and Overlord and the rest of the crew set out to get them. Overlord gets some supplies from a village and continues to the first location. He is shocked to see that MrPig has betrayed him, but he is able to repeal him with the Trident. He is able to craft Turtle shells and the crew head underwater to get the next tridents. He witnesses the death of Old_Sword, and later after battling the Elder guardians, Miss_Mouse.

He, Herostar and Sheep_e manage to make it to Lord_Hat's base, and meets Lord_Hat before he and Herostar engage in a battle with Techno_Hood and MrPig. He battles MrPig but is eventually knocked down by his Trident of Channeling. MrPig is then about to finish him off, but Lord_Hat accidentally reveals he is working with Ultimate_Overlord. MrPig then kills Lord_Hat out of rage, and then destroys the Eye, allowing Overlord to use his OP powers to restore the server. He then grants MrPig ops powers and lets him ban Techno_hood and Lord_Hat.

Sometime later he is setting up portals to other maps on his server, but after Virtis merges his and Owner's server he gets separated from the players, but meets Owner and is initially hostile towards him and vice versa. MrPig arrives and calms them both down and the three agree to gather supplies. During their adventure they enter different portals which lead to his other maps, which are slowing being corrupted. He later loses MrPig in a map but meets up with Old_Sword and Diamond_Lover's groups after running from the Death Lord. He is able to create a TNT cannon which he times perfectly to damage the Death Lord. He is later seen in the raid on the Virtis tower and is one of the survivors and hides in a cave. He is able to talk to his brother and uses kind words of encouragement to convert him back to being a good player.

He takes part in the plan to destroy Virtis's tower and pilots the Death Lord and launches its cannon at the tower before jumping out and fleeing. He is seen again when the servers are restored and he says goodbye to Owner. He visits his brother in real life and thanks him for choosing the right side. Is is last seen relaxing on a beach in game but hears oinking coming from his beach hut and goes to investigate. He opens the door and finds a bunch of pigs inside and he screams out MrPig's name.

Skills and personality

Overlord is a fairly skilled user, but has been defeated in several occasions by other players. He is able to kill many mobs and last in a battle, and is able to use a sword with decent proficiency. During Season 6 he wielded an axe, and was skilled at using it. He also was able to use a shield to block attacks including lightning.

He is a more serious user, not taking kindly to MrPig's jokes, and he also immediately attacked him when he was revived, as he had taken the server off of him twice. He also did not trust MrPig even after he saved the server, and he did not grant him OP powers. He eventually trusted MrPig when he saved the server a second time, and gave him OP powers.

Skin changes

Prior to Series 5, Overlord has a regular and rather un-unique skin. In the Series 5 sequel, Overlord has an alternate skin with a 'Z' on his head. In Series 6, he now has hair.



  • Overlord originally appeared in 3 episodes before season 5, and MrPig acknowledges this and calls him "Mr3eps" in season 5.
  • Overlord used to run the server peacefully with his brother until he started to grief out of jealously.
  • He had a lot of tension with MrPig, causing him to not fully trust him until the end of Season 6.
  • He is shown to have a short temper at times, as when he attacked MrPig after seeing him, and when he aggressively fought Ultimate_Overlord after he defeated MrPig.
  • Overlord has had the most on-screen deaths of any character.
  • A running gag at the end of each epilogue is MrPig doing something to annoy him.
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