Old_Sword is one of the main Protagonists in The Minecrafters. He is an older more experienced user, helping out his friends and teaching them how to play and gathering supplies for them. He was absent from season 2 but returned for the next season.


Old_Sword made his first appearance in Season 1, where he saved Herostar and Diamond_Lover from an Enderman by stabbing it in the back. He quickly made friends with both of them, and helped them gather supplies. The 3 went on a journey when they meet MrPig, who immediately starts to trick all of them and set up many traps for them to avoid. The 3 eventually enter the End where they defeat an enderdragon before returning to the overworld. He and the others gather more supplies, and meet Sheep_e who was first befriended by Herostar, and all 4 team up. He eventually learns about MrPig's takeover of the server, and how Overlord was the true OP before. He witness MrPig get jailed when Overlord is able to take back control of the server, and he and Overlord enter the aether and the series ends.

Old_Sword is absent from season 2, as he is trapped in the MC story server. He returns in Season 3, and is told about Ultimate_Overlord and also meets Chuckle and Miss_Mouse. Throughout the season he has been a big help in fighting UO, he is able to save Herostar from death, and also save Miss_Mouse when she is hanging off the edge of a cliff. He also confronts The_Destroyer and saves Sheep_e from being killed. He is there during the big battle on the Death lord, killing multiple NPCs and he also witnesses Ultimate_Overlord's defeat at the hand of The_Destroyer. He is there when the curse starts and like the others is confused at first, and tries to seek shelter before getting trapped outside.

During Season 5 he along with the rest of the crew and is attacked by many mobs summoned by the Curse's strange fog. He eventually makes his way to the castle where he sees all the evil clones in their tubes, and they quickly come to life when the curse infects them. He is the first to be captured and sent to the prison in the castle by the cursed Redstone_Lover. Later he along with Sheep_e and Miss_Mouse are used as target practice by their cursed counterparts, where he manages to dodge their attacks for a bit, before getting hit by them. After the cursed crew leave them after going after the rest of the crew, the 3 escape the cage they were placed in and explore the castle. They fall into the failed NPC pit, before coming across some graves, and eventually coming into the Wither lured to them by the cursed crew.

He meets up with the rest of the crew when they defeat the Wither, and he is able to kill his cursed counterpart after MrPig weakens them with the command block. However he and the rest of the crew are infected by the curse, gaining a withered appearance, before being teleported back to the surface and going into hiding. The New crew eventually find him in a cave underground, and he leads them to a stronghold, but is banned by the still cursed Dr_Evil when he gets there. He is eventually unbanned when MrPig traps the curse and restores the server back.

During Season 6 he is building a large house when Techno_hood activates the Diamond Eye and causes his house to revert back to an unfinished state. Soon he comes face to face with her and the two engage in a duel, and he manages to slash her face, giving her a scar causing her to retreat. When the crew decide to go and retrieve the Tridents, he stays behind for a bit to gather materials, though he has little luck and eventually catches up with the rest. After gaining a turtle shell, he and Overlord go to retrieve the Trident of Riptide, but discover MrPig and Techno_Hood have found it first. He is then attacked and quickly killed by Techno_hood who was wielding the trident, causing Overlord to retreat. He is revived at the send of the season when MrPig destroys the Eye, and he reunites with his friends.

He was later teleported to a random place after Overlord's and Owner's server are merged and meets up with Diamond_Lover, Gold and Perfume_Crandy. They all decide to raid a pillager outpost and after some planning are able to successfully do so and retrieve the loot. They are then pursued by Ultimate_Overlord in his Death Lord and meet up with Overlord and Owner. He distracts helps Overlord build a cannon whihc he uses to damage the Death Lord. He is later seen during the raid on the Virtis tower, and is is the last to be killed by both Nodis and Ultimate_Overlord. He is seen later after the servers have been restored and goes back to his house.

Skills and personality

Old_Sword is a skilled experienced player, helping Herostar and Diamond_Lover get started in their journey, and also saving other players from the brink of death. He is experienced with swords, hence his name, and has used them to slay many mobs and stand up in a fight against different opponents. He is a more mature user, but still has goofy moments and a good sense of humour. He never lets anyone harm his friends and he will also put himself in harm’s way to protect others.


From his first appearance to Season 5 he had a square head with a line across his forehead. In Season 6 his skin was updated so that he now had a hair line in place of the generic line he had before.


  • Temple trouble- Slain by Techno_Hood who was wielding a powerful trident at the time.
  • Extinction - Electrocuted by Nodis while attempting to charge the Virtis tower.


  • He is the only character with a square head, this is because he is the oldest member in terms of how long he has played, and the square head is meant to reflect his status as a Minecraft Veteran.
  • He was entirely absent from Season 2, as the writer felt he was no longer needed, as Herostar had developed a lot of skills and was more powerful than he was.
  • He was originally the most skilled player in the comic, but Herostar overtook him in Season 2.
  • Techno_Hood had a grudge against him when he slashed her face, and it lead her to killing him with the trident she had.
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