NPC attack part 1 is the 3rd episode of season 3.


Diamond Lover
Ultimate Overlord
Miss Mouse
The Destroyer


Sheep_e rushes out of the house and is able to kill an attacking NPC, while Herostar is able to jam the ship's dispenser, and is able to finish it off using a fire charge. The rest of the NPCs are taken out by the crew using different methods, and Ultimate_Overlord orders a retreat. Diamond_Lover then tries to sing a song for Miss_Mouse, but it's horribly off key and she tells him to stop.

Meanwhile Ultimate_Overlord shows the NPCs his new battle ship, and takes one of the NPCs with him to pilot it. While flying to Chuckle's house UO explains that there are Ghast eggs in some of the dispensers, he goes to fire one but it is revealed he accidentally placed sheep eggs instead, he corrects this error and tries again. The spawned Ghast then shoots a fireball at the crew.


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