Mystic Pig is the 4th episode of Season 1, it introduces the main villain of the Season



Herostar finds the portal and shows Old_Sword, he tells Herostar to fill up the portal with Eyes of Enders, but he only has one left. Old_Sword and Diamond_Lover return to the surface to get more eyes, while Herostar stays behind guarding the portal. Suddenly a strange player appears behind Herostar, and he introduces himself as the OP of the server, before disappearing and summoning some TNT next to Herostar. Herostar avoids this and also dodges some lava falling from the ceiling, before MrPig appears and taunts him and activates another trap. Herostar survives this and makes his way back to the portal.
Back at the surface, MrPig teleports to OS and DL, and introduces himself, before setting up some traps for the two. They survive but DL is brought down to 1/2 a heart, but Old_Sword has food to heal him with. Diamond_Lover crafts the reaming eyes and they both start to head back to the stronghold, but encounter some more Endermen.


  • This is the first episode the feature an antagonist.
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