MrPig is a former antagonist in The Minecrafters and now a regular cast member. He is a very major character, as he has saved the server multiple times and has the most unique relationships with other characters. He is witty, silly, dimwitted, insane, crazy and funny.


Before the events of the comic he was searching for servers to take over and came across the Overlord server. He joined it and started to taunt Ultimate_Overlord at how he was number 2 and was not as good as his brother. This caused UO to grief and kill most people on the server leading to his ban. MrPig then uses this advantage to take over the server and run it while he contacts UO.

He made his first appearance in Season 1, where he introduced himself to the Protagonists, before tricking them and setting up many traps for them to avoid. He taunts them multiple times throughout the Season, though he never actually harms any of them, and instead tries to get on their nerves. He later explains how he stole the server off of Overlord, but shortly afterwards Overlord regains control of the server and places him in jail. Overlord makes fun of him and MrPig vows revenge, before sulking in his jail cell.

During Season 2 MrPig is set free from jail, and goes back to his old tricks. A player named Overlord2 joined, and re-opped MrPig and took control of the server. Overlord 2 then renames himself to Ultimate_Overlord, and he and MrPig kill Overlord. UO however betrays MrPig, deopping him and casting him aside, causing MrPig to feel betrayed. MrPig becomes sworn enemies with him, and plans to overthrow him throughout the rest of the season. He continued to trick the Protagonist for a while, until he was grievously injured by Ultimate_Overlord while attempting to fight him, after which he stopped being evil, but succumbed to his wounds.

He revived himself and Overlord in Season 5 and worked with the main heroes during to fight the curse and was even responsible for defeating it. He came up with the plan to enter the castle, by bypassing the defences through the nether. He, Overlord, Diamond_Lover and Herostar enter the Nether, and fight their way to the portal. After Overlord and Herostar knock a Wither into the castle, he and the rest of the crew sneak into the castle, but he makes a lot of noise, causing Overlord to snap at him. Herostar breaks up the tension between them, and the two apologise to each other. He kills the Wither, and starts to hack the command block located in the castle where he is able to disable the Cursed crews power's, allowing the Original Crew to kill all but one of them, before being locked out. He battle Ultimate_Overlord with Overlord, but has to fake his own death when he is knocked off a ledge, allowing him time to create a device to trap the curse.

He appears at the end of Season 4, where he has created the device to trap the curse, and uses it on the curse, trapping it and restoring the server back to normal. During Season 6 he is blamed for the lag crated by the Diamond_Eye, though he denies it and helps Overlord find the source of the lag. He falls in love with Techno_Hood, and Lord_Hat fins out and uses this to his advantage and orders Techno_Hood to bring MrPig to his base. She finds MrPig by himself and brings him to Lord_Hat's base. Lord_Hat is able to trick MrPig into joining him, as he explains that the rest of the Crew do not trust him, and that Lord_Hat himself will trust him more than anyone. MrPig then combines the Diamond Eye with a conduit, blocking all admin commands on the server.

He is tasked with retrieving the 3 Tridents of the Sea, which he does without hesitation. He fights against the heroes multiple times, even killing Miss_mouse and Sheep_e. He wields the Trident of Channeling, and fights Overlord in Lord_Hat's base. He is able to disarm him, and is about to kill both Overlord and Herostar, when Lord_hat accidentally reveals he is working for Ultimate_Overlord, MrPig's sworn enemy. He proceeds to knock down Techno_Hood, before charging at Lord_hat, killing him in one quick strike, before using all 3 tridents to destroy the Eye. He is rewarded with operating privileges by Overlord after coming to terms with him, before banning both Lord_Hat and Techno_Hood from the server, saving the day yet again.

After Overlord's and Owner's servers are merged he is separated from the rest of the players, but intervenes with Overlord and owner's argument, and the three agree to mine for supplies. Along the way they enter different portals into different worlds made by Overlord and are able to avoid the corruption along the way. Before he can enter one portal is closes trapping him in a tunnel but another one opens up below him taking him through many more worlds. He later falls through a portal in front of Mob_Destructor and mistakes him for Ultimate_Overlord, but quickly realises he is not and the two head off to find the players. He enters the cave with the players and sees Ultimate_Overlord and goes to attack him, but is stopped by Overlord who assures him he is good now.

He takes part in the plan to attack the Virtis tower, and is later seen once the server are restored. While Overlord is away he builds a Death Pig which is a copy of the Death Lord MKIII but shaped like his head and fires pork chops. He fires pork chops at all the players and Overlord allows him to keep it, but he crashes it into a mountain destroying it. He later places many pigs inside of Overlord's beach hut as a joke.

Skills and personality

MrPig is a fairly insane player, as he has used many traps and tricks on the players, and he is simply laughs when they are in danger. After he is betrayed by Ultimate_Overlord, he becomes more serious, with the goal of killing UO on his mind. He is seen to be more mature in Season 5 when he revives himself and Overlord, though he still has many crazy moments. He is shown to be insecure, as when overlord didn't completely trust MrPig he felt neglected yet again and was easily convinced by Lord_Hat to join him. It seems MrPig's crazy surface personality masks his deep insecurity and fear of isolation.
He is a somewhat skilled player, but he prefers to use traps and tricks on players instead of fighting them. He has been shown to be ignorant of some of the games mechanics, as in Season 5 he attacks a Pigman, not knowing all the Pigmen in the area would become aggressive towards the crew. He was able to put up a fight with multiple players, though most of the time he was not victorious, but has on a couple of occasions won the duel.


  • Locked out- Stabbed by Overlord while distracted, but instantly revived himself.
  • Take off/Foiled plans- He was electrocuted by Ultimate_Overlord, before being knocked out of a ship, and landing on the Crew's house. He is able to get up and lead the players to a cave, but succumbs to his wounds and dies.


  • MrPig has changed sides more than any other character (Evil>Good>Evil>Good)
  • MrPig is a fan-favourite, due to his unique personality and story.
  • There was a lot of tension between MrPig and Overlord in season 5, and this lead to him betraying Overlord in season 6.
  • After Ultimate_Overlord betrayed him, MrPig sought revenge, and eventually was able to stop his curse, leading to UO's arrest.
  • MrPig's wide head makes him the most recognisable character in the comic.
  • MrPig prefers using traps as opposed to weapons, though he has been seen using weapons efficiently throughout Season 5 and 6.
  • MrPig has worked with and against both of the Overlord brothers.
  • Many times throughout the comic, MrPig has been incorrectly referred to as "Mr_Pig". This is a confirmed error as his true name lacks an underscore.
  • MrPig's most famous quote is "Enchant your (my) tools and armour", which he says in Season 1, 2, 5 and The Minecrafters Story.
  • A running gag is at the end of each epilogue he does something to annoy Overlord.
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