More power is the 7th episode of season 3.


Diamond Lover
Ultimate Overlord
Miss Mouse


Sheep_e and Diamond_Lover fall down a hole, but land with minor damage, when Ultimate_Overlord arrives and taunts the two. He sends in 2 armoured NPCs to attack the two, and they engage in a fight. Sheep_e and Diamond_Lover are able to kill the NPCs after a brief struggle and take their armour. Old_Sword decides to go and look for the others, and leaves Miss_Mouse to look after Herostar, who is on 1/2 a heart.

Miss_Mouse looks for food in a chest, and finds a golden apple, however she decides to keep it to herself. She gives Herostar some other food but it is not enough to heal him. They then hear mobs outside the house, and Herostar picks up Chuckle's sword and decides to go and fight them, despite protest from Miss_Mouse.


  • This is the first time an NPC is shown to be wearing armour.
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