Miss_Mouse is a character who appears in the Comic, she made her first appearance in in Season 2, making her the newest edition to the Original crew, until Overlord joined in a later season.


She joins the server in season 2, where she spots the house that Herostar, Sheep_E and Diamond_lover are in. She approaches the house and is let in, Diamond_Lover falls in love with her, but she does not return the favour to him. She plays a fairly minor role in the season, staying at home away from all the danger, though she does offer moral support to the crew.

During Season 3 she again has a fairly minor role at the start, but she becomes more active later one. She is kidnapped by UO along with Herostar, and they both get imprisoned in a cage. When they refuse to cooperate with Ultimate_Overlord he fires lightning at them, causing her to fly off the edge of a cliff, leaving her hanging there. Old_Sword later rescues her and gets her home safely, where she takes care of the injured Herostar. Later she is kidnapped again by Ultimate_Overlord, but this time she breaks out of her cage and kills 3 of UO's NPCs, and returns to the others. Herostar asks her to join them on their goal to destroy the death lord, to which she agrees. She is with the rest of the crew when they get teleported to the Death Lord for the NPC battle. She is able to kill a few NPCs, and is able to successfully attack The_Destroyer when he is sent to kill the crew. She witnesses UO's and TD's death, and the start of the curse.

During Season 5 she is the last of the 3 captured players to be captured, when she tries to fight the cursed Charlotte_Axe, but fails to land a hit. She is later imprisoned in the castle, where she is used as target practice by the cursed crew. She is able to avoid some attacks, and even throws one of Charlotte_Axe's axes back at her, but to no effect. She is eventually hit and spared when the cursed crew go to ambush the rest of the crew, and she, Sheep_e and Old_Sword go exploring the castle. She falls into a pit, and discovers the failed NPC zombies and the graves, and is saddened by what she sees. She eventually kills her cursed counterpart, but is infected by the curse herself when MrPig is locked out of the command block.

During Season 4, she appears during the finale, where she explains about the curse to the curse crew. She is banned by the cursed Dr_Evil, and the last bit of the curse is freed and takes the form of a wither, leaving Dr_Evil as a normal uncursed player. She is unbanned when MrPig traps the curse for good and restores the server.

During Season 6 she is planting trees with Overlord when Techno_Hood activates the Diamond_Eye, causing the trees to revert to saplings. She later encounters Techno_Hood with Old_Sword, and tries to kick her when she fights Old_Sword, but cannot as her commands are blocked. Later she goes to find the Tridents of the Sea with the rest of the crew, she finds the Trident of Loyalty and uses it to fight off Techno_hood, before giving it to Overlord. She helps defend the turtle eggs from the Drowned zombies, and when the eggs hatch she is awed by the baby turtles. She later goes to the Ocean monument where she fights the Elder Guardians with the others. Shortly afterwards MrPig shoots lightning bolt from his trident at her helmet, causing it to break, leading to her drowning to death. She is later revived when MrPig destroys the Diamond_Eye, where she reunites with her friends.

She is later separated from the group when Overlord's and Owner's server are merged and meets up with Herostar, Trock and Calious. She and the others are perused by Mob_Destructor but she knocks him in a hole that is then filled with sand to trap him. They later encounter him again but are able to knock him down to the ground, but she is electrocuted by Yldir and knocked unconscious. She is later seen in the raid on the Virtis tower, and is one of the survivors and hides in a cave with the others. She provides kind words to Ultimate_Overlord who becomes good and takes part in the plan to destroy the Virtis tower. She is later seen after the server have been restored and she goes back to her garden and is the first to notice MrPig's Death Pig.

Skills and personality

Miss_Mouse starts off as an unskilled player. It wasn't until near the end of Season 3 when she started to become more brave, and she revealed that she was skilled with a sword, being able to easily kill 3 of Ultimate_Overlord's NPCs. During Season 5 her personality has changed dramatically, she is now much more serious and always puts herself first in a fight. During Season 6 she is somewhat more peaceful, and only assists her friends when needed, and usually puts herself at the back of a fight.


In season 2 and 3 she had a dress, long hair and eyelashes. From season 5 she no longer had the dress, and instead had a normal stick body. During Season 4 she had a withered appearance due to being infected by the curse.


  • Guarding attacks- Drowned when MrPig destroyed her Turtle shell with the Trident of Channeling.


  • She is the first female character in the series.
  • She has had the biggest personality change of all the characters in the series, at first she was a defenceless girl, but then she became a capable fighter in the later seasons.
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