Lord problems is the 9th episode of Season 2.



MrPig mocks Ultimate_Overlord by squashing his face together, before he climbs the Death Lord and get teleported into UO's ship. MrPig then tries to punch UO but is counted and thrown against the control panel of the ship. MrPig then breaks the panel and the ship starts to crash, but MrPig and UO survive. UO then charges up a massive lightning bolt and fires it at MrPig, sending him flying into the crew's house many hundreds of blocks away.

MrPig crashes through the ceiling of the house where he surprises all the crew by announcing he is no longer a bad guy. He tells the crew to destroy the death lord before falling over and faking his death. The crew go outside and see the Death lord in the distance, while Ultimate-Overlord receives the news that MrPig is dead. He is slightly regretful but tells the NPCs to continue working on the Death lord. Diamond_Lover rushes outside but Chuckles knocks him over and steals his diamonds before running off. MrPig then gets up from his faked death and laughs.


  • It is unknown how MrPig caused the ship to crash, but in Overlord Chronicles it is revealed that he used a hacking program.
  • It is unknown why MrPig faked his death so early, he was likely going to trick the crew but had a change of heart.
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