Lord_Hat was the main antagonist of Season 6.


Lord_Hat was hired Ultimate Overlord to take control over the server sometime after his incarceration. He comes into contact with a player named TechnoHood and establishes an underwater base within the world, and tasks her to recover the Diamond Eye, in which during said task, MrPig falls in love with her. Aware of MrPig, Lord_Hat decides to use this to his advantage and lure him back to the base where he decieves MrPig into working with him and TechnoHood to recover the three tridents which will prevent the heroes from recovering the server. MrPig accepts after being fooled to believe the others don't care about him; with Lord_Hat satisfying his need for care.

Eventually, Lord_Hat, TechnoHood and MrPig recover the three tridents, but then Lord_Hat reveals that he is in league with Ultimate_Overlord, who MrPig despises for once betraying him. As a result of this, MrPig out of fury kills a defenceless Lord_Hat on the spot and uses the three tridents to destroy the eye and save the server once a for all, finally gaining Overlord's trust who rewards him with operating powers, using them to ban TechnoHood and Lord_Hat. Sometime later, he is incarcerated in the real world for hacking and becomes the cellmate of Ultimate_Overlord, the cell next to where Virtis are jailed. Sometime later, Ultimate_Overlord escapes with Virtis, leaving Lord_Hat behind.

Skills and Personality

Lord_Hat, cunning and deceptive, relies on others to get things done for him, as he hardly contributes to the efforts all throughout Season 6. Despite his evil nature, his cowardice comes to light when MrPig betrays him, before being killed in an instant on the spot. He is also shown to be very unskilled with weapons, as he was wielding a powerful trident just before his death, yet he had no idea how to use it to defend himself.


The final showdown/The escape - Slashed by MrPig for being in league with Ultimate_Overlord.


  • As of 'The Final Showdown', he is imprisoned in a cell with Ultimate Overlord, which appears to be a cell adjacent to where Virtis are imprisoned.
  • Lord_Hat has come the closest to defeating the Original crew of any Antagonist, indirectly killing 4 of them and almost finishing off the remaining 2.
  • He has the least amount of episode appearances of any character, with a mere 6.
  • He never leaves his base throughout series 6, most likely due to his cowardly nature.
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