Herostar is one of the Main characters in the Minecrafters, having a major role in nearly every event that has occurred, and also having the most amount of episodic appearances. So far he has made and appearance in every season, and has made many friends during his journey.


Herostar joined Overlord's server during the Prologue, where he met Diamond_Lover resulting in the two becoming friends. The two eventually are saved from an Enderman by Old_Sword who quickly joins them and becomes their friend. The 3 set out on a mining journey, when they encounter MrPig, who starts to grief and trick all of them, forcing them to come up with a plan to stop him. Herostar eventually meets Sheep_e, who had just joined the server and makes friends with him. Later he learns about how MrPig stole the server off of Overlord, and witnesses Overlord banning him and placing him in jail.

During season 2 Herostar meets Ultimate_Overlord, and the two quickly become enemies, with Herostar battling him on multiple occasions. Miss_Mouse joins the server and befriends him. After an unsuccessful battle with Ultimate_Overlord, he is healed by Miss_Mouse and goes to face him one more time. This time he emerges victorious and escapes from the exploding Death Lord. Throughout season 3 he continues his battle against UO, and is able to repel some of his NPC attacks, but is eventually captured, but is rescued by Old_Sword. He and the others make it into the Death Lord where they have a massive battle that results in The_Destroyer betraying UO and killing him and himself, but not before granting Herostar and the others op power.

Herostar witnesses the start of the curse, and him and Diamond_Lover are separated from the rest when the Evil clones capture them. He later assists the revived MrPig and Overlord in rescuing their friends, having travelled through the nether to bypass the Castle's defences. He is infected by the curse and gets a wither effect along with DL, SE, MM and OS, and after the Command Blocks destruction, goes into hiding and waits for The New Crew to return. He is eventually banned By Dr_Evil and part of the curse is released, however he is unbanned when MrPig saves the server.

During season 6, he plays a major role in finding Tridents of the Sea and is one of only 2 protagonists not to be killed. He wields the Trident of Riptide during the latter half of the series, and is able to infiltrate Lord_Hat's base along with Overlord. He gets into an intense battle but is saved when MrPig realises Lord_Hat is working for Ultimate_Overlord, causing MrPig to go into a rage, killing Lord_Hat and destroying the eye. He reunites with his revived friends and they all celebrate their victory.

Later on after the merging of Owner's and Overlord's server he meets up with Miss_Mouse, Trock and Calious and after some confusion they all team up but are unknowingly pursued by Mob_Destructor. He attempts to fight him when he reveals himself but due to his highest calibre he is unable to kill him and needs to use a healing potion to survive after he was stabbed. He later fights Mob_Destructor with the other for a second time, and they all knock him to the ground until Yldir arrives and fires a powerful lightning blot at him, knocking him to the ground. He is later seen raiding Virtis's tower, but during the conflict he is electrocuted by Nodis and dies. He appears again once Virtis have been defeated and the two server restored.

Skills and Personality

Herostar is a very skilled Minecraft player, having battled many mobs and defeated all the bosses. He is always first to face danger, and will not hesitate to save any of his friends. He is mostly calm, but has been shown to lose his temper, especially when Diamond_Lover is killed by a phantom, and he violently kills it with a shovel. 

He is very skilled with a sword and a bow, having pin-point accuracy with even multiple arrows at once. And he is able to last in battles against opponents with special powers. He is very brave, as he once fought a heard of mobs with only 1 HP left, and did not even show any fear before doing so. Even after being cursed and withered, he was still able to kill a zombie with ease to save Blade_101.


From Season 1 to 4, he had a very basic skin, with no physical marks to identify him. During Season 4, he had a withered appearance, as he was infected by the curse. His skin was redesigned for season 6, with him now having a unique hairstyle.


  • Season 6 Epilogue - Killed as a joke by Miss_Mouse by a command when he bragged he was the only one not to die.
  • Extinction - Electrocuted by Nodis while attempting to charge the Virtis tower.


  • Herostar is considered the main character of The Minecrafters.
  • Herostar has the most episode appearances of any characters, with a total of 69 out of 80.
  • Herostar is one of only 3 characters to appear in all 6 seasons, the other two being Diamond_Lover and Sheep_e.
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