Good endings is the 13th and final episode of Season 1, wrapping up the season.



Overlord decides to unban MrPig, and instead place him in jail. When Overlord logs into the server he is shocked to see all the damage, and decides to create a new map for the server. Herostar, Diamond_Lover, Old_Sword and Sheep_e all spawn in the new map, but with no items, and they see MrPig trapped in a jail cell. Overlord then appears and greats the players before giving all of them their previous items back. He then promotes all of them to the Builder rank, though what this does is never explained.

Overlord then begins uninstalling all the mods MrPig installed, including his wide head mod. MrPig then attempts to break out of his cell, but cannot break blocks due to his jailed rank. Overlord then gives MrPig a melon to eat, and he hesitantly eats it. The heroes then leave MrPig alone in his cell, and Overlord goes to reward the players. He gives Herostar a family of wolves, Diamond_Lover a stack of diamonds and Sheep_e a farm of sheep. He then takes Old_Sword to the aether, revealing he kept that mod, before the season ends on a Good Ending.


  • This is the only episode to feature ranks, they are never explained and are never mentioned again.
  • Some of the mods MrPig installed are; Wide head mod, Talking animal mod, Hanging mod, Smart creepers mod, Single player commands as MP mod and weak tools mod.
  • This is also the only episode to acknowledge mods and have them uninstalled.
  • MrPig is left alone in his cell, as Overlord thought this was a more suitable punishment.
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