Final journey is the 12th episode of Season 6, showing the remaining players making their way across land and to Lord_Hat's base.



Herostar, Sheep_e and Overlord make it to the surface and realise they cannot use their tridents, and they decide to just run across the land while battling any mob that gets in their way, and they kill several zombies, skeletons and creepers. MrPig and Techno_Hood make it to the surface soon afterwards and also head across the land to reach Lord_Hat's base. Along the way Overlord is ambushed by Phantoms and Herostar tells him to sleep to make them disappear.

They reach another ocean and dive into it, and get pulled down by magma block streams but are able to break free. They come across a hatch and enter it and enter Lord Hat's base and explore it. Herostar finds a lever which leads opens a door leading to another part of the base. They then encounter Lord_Hat who greets them all and tells them they will not destroy the eye. MrPig then sneaks up behind the group and kills Sheep_e.


  • In this episode the Phantoms disappear as soon as Overlord sleeps, but in the game they only burn during the day.
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